Get A Fantastic Tanned Skin With Spray Tan

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In view of the harmful effects of the sun's rays for tanning of the skin, a lot of research has been carried out to create sunless tanning products and the latest is the spray tan. The tanning lotions being used till now have also improved considerably because they do not leave behind orange undertones any more.

Spray tanning is the latest offering of the sunless tanning technology. Its application will give you a perfect look and an even tan without any hassles. There are many advantages of using a spray tan as a sunless tanning device. Basically, like other tanning products, you avoid damaging your skin and getting skin cancer due to the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is safe and easy to use. You need not opt for a tanning bed or other treatments.

How to Get the Best Spray Tans and Other Tanning Products

In order to get the best products, it is advisable to surf different websites and look for sunless tanning products that will not only give you a perfect sunless fake tan but will also moisturize and hydrate your skin evenly.

Besides spray tan, you can also get lotions, gels, and creams that are easy to apply. The other products include bath and body products, tanning accelerators, and face lotions. You should try and get samples of spray tan and apply them to test their effect on your skin. If a product suits your skin, you can place bulk orders online.

Spray Tanning Precautions

There are a few precautions that need to be taken before the application of spray tanning. You should take a shower and exfoliate before the spray tanning procedure. All dry and dead skin should be removed with a shower gel and body scrub so that an even application is achieved. When the spray is going off, you should hold your breath for about 15 seconds, although this might be a difficult thing to do. Care should be taken while applying the spray to ensure that it does not fall on your hands and feet because you can get a white vein like look due to the presence of excess wrinkles and creases in these areas.

You should turn around when the spray stops and wipe down and get rid of any excess spray. To increase the life of your spray tan, you should apply plenty of moisturizer regularly. A deep moisturizer should be used if you have very dry skin. When you blend the moisturizer on your skin, it is necessary not to wipe it off because the spray tan will also come off. Do know that the life of your tan will reduce with baths, swimming, and spas in chlorinated pools.

The other precautions for applying a spray tan include wear clothes on all parts of your body that will not be tanned, standing still for about a minute after the application of the spray so that the skin dries evenly, and blotting your skin with a towel to remove any drips.

If a spray tan is done correctly, your tan will get a natural look and your pale winter skin will get summer colors. It is advisable to get the spray tanning done at a salon and follow all the given instructions.

The latest progress in sunless tanning is the application of a spray tan which has many advantages. However, some precautions need to be taken before, at the time of its application, and afterwards.

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