General Report Card Comments - Guiding Teachers on Planning and Writing Them

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A report card is used to show a child’s overall performance in school. As a teacher you have an obligation to write report card comments that can be understood by parents and children. The comments should reflect the true performance of a child. They should also sound polite and well thought out. Teachers may write these comments according to the subjects they teach. A general report card may, however, include a comprehensive appraisal of a student’s English and arithmetical abilities. Speaking is among the skills that all teachers might choose to comment about. This is because communication skills are necessary in the learning of every subject taught in English language. Examples of the reviews you can write for your student concerning speaking include the following.

Your child:

• Speaks English fluently and clearly
• Has a difficulty with the usage of verbs, prepositions, and pronouns.
• Has excellent oral vocabulary
• Loves classroom debates and group discussions
• Speaks with confidence in front of fellow students.

Report card comments generally include an evaluation of a child’s writing ability. Every subject taught in English demands proper writing skills. If your kid is doing well in the English class, their understanding of other subjects cannot be a problem. A student at any level of education should punctuate properly, construct correct sentences, possess good spelling skills and use vocabularies correctly when writing. When creating a report card comment about writing, you could say the following.

Your child:

• Has excellent punctuation, spell checking and sentence structure skills.
• Has grown to a point of writing a composition without help. He can write a creative story of a few sentences.
• Is able to read and write words and sentences confidently.
• Has shown a satisfactory level of understanding in regard to simple and complex sentences.
• Is finally able to compose numerous related and unrelated sentences.
Spelling mistakes in English or any other executive language are forbidden. Children must be assisted and guided until they are able to spell-check their written work thoroughly. To report your observation of a child’s spelling aptitude, you may talk about the following.

Your child:

• Is likes to spell new words
• Has grown so much that he is able to use a personal dictionary to check the spelling of words.
• Experiences a degree of difficulty recalling the certain English words _ I use gestures to help him remember how to spell difficult words.
• Is now able to spell check a word in the reverse order.
Arithmetic or math is taught from the lowest grade to help children learn numbers. As a math teacher, you want to write report card comments that can help students learn from their mistakes. So your comment has to expose a problem clearly and courteously. For example, you can say the following concerning a child’s arithmetical abilities.

Your kid:

• Comprehends the two basic math signs, addition (+) and subtraction (-) so far, and he is now working hard to understand multiplication(x) and division (/) signs.
• Has difficulty understanding place value but she is working hard to get better.
• Learns math better using shapes.
• Has shown admirable efforts in regard to the creation and interpretation of graphs.

As a teacher, always remember that report card comments should help a learner identify their weak and strong areas. Therefore, your comment should encourage, guide and add to a child’s confidence. brings you the best end of the year report card comments with nearly 2000 comments available to be used according to subjects.

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