Gem Rocks Mining Guide

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Mining is one of good way to make money in Runescape ,and mining gem rocks can be considered a better way to make profit ,so this time I have collected some good guides for you to mining gem rocks in Runescape,hope you can have a look at this article:

Gem Rocks, which are located in Shilo Village in the Shilo Village Gem Mine are an under the radar rock you can mine for decent Mining experience and a great profit. With the rise in prices of Gems, the profits of mining Gems is extraordinary compared to mining Gems in the past and other types of ores. The experience isnít all that bad either as each gem no matter which kind grants you 65 Mining experience when mined!

With the closest bank being the Shilo Village bank at approximately 20 seconds away from the Gem mine, you should be able to receive up to 20k experience per hour with the profits in the hundreds of thousands. Now, Letís get started!

The only skill requirements in order to mine Gem rocks is level 40 Mining. Also you can level your mingning level at 60 in order to gain the most out of your mining experience. The only quest requirement is the completion of Shilo Village, however there are a few quests that need to be completed in order to complete Shilo Village as well.

Skill Requirements:

40+ Mining in order to mine Gem Rocks
32 Agility for Shilo Village
20 Crafting for Shilo Village
3 Herblore for Jungle Potion

Quest Requirements

Shilo Village
Jungle Potion
Druidic Ritual

Information about Gem Rocks

You need at least level 40 Mining to mine the Gem Rocks and you will receive 65 experience per gem mined. The Gem Rocks take about 1 Minute 34 Seconds for the Gem to return to the rock and there are 8 rocks in the Gem mine.

Gem rock found in the mine Gems when mined in order of Opal, Jade, Red Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond.

Finding the Best Pickaxe

Now before you start hacking away at some Gem rocks, it would be best to find the pickaxe that suits you best. There is mainly 3 pickaxes to choose from with one alternative. There is the Rune Pickaxe, Dragon Pickaxe,Sacred Clay Pickaxe (morphic), Volatile Clay Pickaxe, and the Inferno Adze.
Rune Pickaxe- The Rune Pickaxe is commonly used by many players who have a Mining level of 40 or higher. It is the number one choice by many miners because of its strength in mining and its affordable price.

Dragon Pickaxe- The Dragon Pickaxe is the best overall pickaxe in Runescape. Even though it is better than a Rune Pickaxe and has an increased mining strength, it is extremely expensive and used by serious miners and people who have money to spend.

Sacred Clay Pickaxe (Morphic)- The Sacred Clay Pickaxe is compares to a Rune Pickaxe in pretty much every way. Only difference is is that the Sacred Clay pickaxe doubles your mining experience when mining. Unfortuanetly the pickaxe will degrade after a certain amount of experience and is only obtained from the minigame Stealing Creation and can only be purchased with 20 Stealing Creation points.

Sacred Clay Pickaxe (Volatile)- The Sacred Clay Pickaxe Volatile is pretty much the exact same thing as the regular Sacred Clay Pickaxe (Morphic). Only two differences is that unlike the morphic tool, you can not choose which item to have the tool transformer into, and you receive 2.2 times the experience when mining. This too is purchased using 20 Stealing Creation points.

Inferno Adze- The Inferno Adze is not only a pickaxe but also a woodcutting axe. It compares exactly the same to a Rune Pickaxe when mining but in order to use this adze, you need to have level 92 Firemaking as well as 41 Mining and 61 Woodcutting.

How to Get to the Gem Mine

Getting to the Gem Mine can be fairly easy if you have level 51 Magic and the ability to teleport to Ardougne. If you donít however donít fret as there are many other ways that to access the Gem Mine as long as you have a few coins.

Method One Ė Fastest (Requires 51 Magic, 40 Coins, Ardougne Teleport)

This first method is the fastest way to the Gem Rocks.

Teleport to Ardougne using 2 Law and 2 Water Runes
Walk South and pay 30 coins to take the ship to Brimhaven
Walk slightly South and then East until you see Hajedy
Pay him 10 coins for him to take you to Shilo Village
Walk North across the bridge
The Gem Rocks will be in front of you

Inventory and Armor

The only piece of equipment that you must have is some type of Pickaxe ranging from Bronze to Rune, Sacred Clay, Dragon, or an Inferno Adze. The best pickaxe to use would be the Dragon Pickaxe, but if you canít afford one a Rune Pickaxe works just fine as well. For me I mine using a Rune Pickaxe and a armour setup of:

Helmet: Helm of Neitiznot
Necklace: Glory
Weapon: Rune Pickaxe
Shield: Holy Book
Cape: Legends or Spotted
Boots: Boots of Lightness
Gloves: Barrows Gloves
Ring: Ring of life
Chest: Monk robe or Dark Blue robe
Legs: Monk robe or Dark Blue robe

You can wear anything you would like but I prefer the Boots of Lightness and Spotted cape so I can take off 7 kilograms from my total weight. As long as you have a pickaxe, anything else could be your choice.

Mining Armor

Varrock Armour

If you have completed the Varrock Achievement Diary, you can wear Varock Armour 2 when mining. The Varrock Armour 2 gives a bonus to mining that gives you the chance to mine two ores from the same rock at random. If you plan on wearing Varrock Armour, you must wear Varrock Armour 2 or 3 as Varrock Armour 1 doesnít give you the chance to mine two ores at once including up to Mithril.

Varrock Armour 2

Shooting Stars

After you have freed the Star Sprite inside of a mined star, he will give you a item reward as well as recieveing the ability to mine extra ores for around 15 minutes. If you use this ability when mining Gem Rocks, you will recieve more Gems increasing your production. Even though the extra 15 minutes may not seem like a long time, if it takes you less than 15 minutes to mine a full inventory of Gems, you will increase your production which means more money and experience. Shooting stars are part a Distraction and Diversion only allowing you too mine one star every week.

Weight Reduction Clothing

If you are looking to maximize the amount of weight you can reduce from your total weight, there is a variety of clothing and armour you can wear.

Agile Top Reduces weight by 12 kilograms and can be obtained by completeing 250 Ďperfectí laps on the Advanced Barbarian Agility course. Level 35 Hitpoints and Defense is needed to wear it
Agile Legs Reduces your weight by 10 kilograms and can be obtained by completeing 250 Ďperfectí laps on the Advanced Gnome Agility course. Level 35 Hitpoints and Defense is needed to wear it.

Spotted Cape Reduces weight by 3 Kilograms requires level 40 Hunter to wield

Spottier Cape Reduces weight by 5 Kilograms and requires 66 Hunter to wield

Boots of Lightness Reduces weight by 4.5 kilograms and requires the completion of Temple of Ikov

Penance Gloves Reduces weight by 4.5 Kilograms and can be brought from Commander Connad near the Entrance to Barbarian Assualt for 125 points in each of the four roles

Here is a picture of all the armour being worn.

Karamja Gloves 3
Obtaining Karamja Gloves 3
Summoning Familiars
If you are looking to maximize the number of gems you can mine per trip to the Gem Rocks, and the twenty eight ores isnít enough for you, you can use Summoning familiars to hold items for you so you can mine more ore each trip. Besides holding extra items, some Summoning familiars even give you an invisible Mining boost. The familiars that can hold items for you include:

Thorny Snail (holds 3 items and requires level 13 Summoning)

Spirit Kalphite (holds 6 items and requires level 25 Summoning)

Bull Ant (hold 9 items and requires level 40 Summoning)

Spirit Terrorbird (holds 12 items and requires level 52 Summoning)

War Tortoise (holds 18 items and requires level 67 Summoning)

Pack Yak (holds 30 items and requires level 96 Summoning)

The familiars that will give you an invisible Mining boost include:

Desert Wyrm (invisible boost of +1 and requires level 18 Summoning)

Void Ravager (invisible boost of +1 and requires level 34 Summoning)

Obsidian Golem (invisible boost of +7 and requires level 73 Summoning)

Lava Titan (invisible boost of +10 and requires level 83 Summoning)

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