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Does anyone out there remember what a pain in the posterior it used to be when it came time to register your songs with your Performing Rights Organization or PRO? You had to write or call them on the phone and get them to send you the clearance forms. Then you had to wait a couple weeks for the paperwork to arrive. Then you meticulously filled them out in pen and mailed them back to BMI or ASCAP or SESAC and waited a couple months to get the completed form back.
Of course if you made an error you can double those times for them to send back the problem paper, you to redo and re-submit it to them. I know that I am personally guilty of not even filing for the clearance of a few songs just because it was a pain. Thank goodness for the advances in technology. Today after you have completed networking with your new co-writer that you found on places like myMusicCircle and the song is all done and ready to go you can get on the web, log into your account and type in the information and usually within a couple days to a week they will send you a confirmation email that the song has been cleared. You can hire musicians easily. Now if we can just get the federal government to streamline the copyright process we’ll be set, but that is the subject of another article.

I know that this doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of you out there but if you are a professional – and you must be or you certainly wouldn’t be on a site like myMusicCircle which is geared towards hire musicians in the music business. Every second that you can trim off of the mundane paperwork related tasks saves you time for the fun things like song writing and performing. How much time can it save you?
I just went and did a clearance form for a new song at my BMI account and I was on and off in less than five minutes. Granted, I have been there a lot before and understood the steps and exactly what information they were asking so I might be a little faster than you but even if it takes you ten minutes that is about half of the time it will take you to fill out the paper forms. And let’s also consider all of the trees we are saving in the process. All in all it’s a quick, easy and sound way to do things.

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