Gateway Core 2 Quad P79003FX - Laptop Review

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The Gateway Core 2 Quad P79003FX Notebook is a laptop that was built for the Japanese market. It is manufactured by a subsidiary of Acer, a company called Gateway. It has a lot of good qualities that the American consumer can not get experience because it must be sold in U.S. markets.


CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 2 GHz


Screen Size: 17.1 inch 1440x900 LCD

Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista

Battery life: 3.5 hours

Graphics: 1GB GeForce GTX 260 GPU


For users who want their laptops to amazing raw power as top of the line graphics capabilities, then the P79003FX is a good option.

With a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9000 processor, there is nothing more you can ask. This processor can give you what you need to complete your work and maybe even a lot more. As more notebooks that processor, Gateway has no hesitation in relation to a possible gaming machine. Well, it's a 4 GB RAM, which is larger than even some desktops available out there.

However, hardcore gamers to rely on RAM or processor. Gamers not only games on their laptops. They also put in movies and music. As if to answer that question, a Gateway 500 GB hard drive. If you were satisfied with 160 GB, think about what you can do with 500. To further sweeten the deal, Gateway also ensured that the choice in another 500 GB hard disk. That is a total of 1 terabyte.

The screen is also ideal for gamers P79003FX to 17 inches. With this size, you'll be able to appreciate even the smallest details of the game. It's like playing on a standard desktop.

Gateway did not stop there. The P79003FX also has a feature that allows you to plug the laptop into an HDTV. What this means is that every time you get an HD content, you can always convert an HDTV for better visibility.

Imagine the power of the P79003FX associated with HDTV.


While P79003FX sounds more and more like the dream of a gamer's laptop, it has a short battery life. It can run for a maximum of 3 hours only. Better than the P-7808u FX only runs for one hour. This is very short compared to what Acer releases on the market. For example, the Acer Aspire 8930G-7665 will run for seven hours continuously.

Although the screen size is good for movies or games, the LCD screen is not as good P79003FX. It only has a resolution of 1440x900. It is a far cry from the resolution of 1920x1200, the ASUS G71 Quad Core can provide on the screens of the same size.


With power and performance, P79003FX is indeed one of the best gaming laptops out there. The low resolution of the screen is offset by the ability to connect to HDTV. The short battery life can not risk that much of a problem for gamers, since most of them will probably not be reminded to close their laptops. Over-all, the P79003FX is a good choice for gamers and professional users.

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