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As a successful retirement community, Garden Spot Village takes pride in the services that it provides to its residents. They employ a staff of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring the health and happiness of the people who live in their community and who have respect for the community in which they work.
Employees at Garden Spot enjoy working for this friendly and congenial place. Founded upon Christian values and principles, Garden Spot Village has always helped its staff to thrive in an atmosphere of teamwork and support. This not only helps administration and staff work together successfully, but helps them to have positive relationships with residents as well. The staff members at Garden Spot retirement village don’t look at what they do as just their jobs; they see themselves as members of a successful, close knit community.

There are several administrative and staff positions at Garden Spot Village. Each staff member’s job is considered to be a vital part of the community as a whole. At the top there is the management staff that oversees operations in the retirement community and makes sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. There is the dietary staff, consisting of nutritionists and world-class cooks who tend to the often diverse tastes of the residents at Garden Spot Village, as well as servers and those who wait tables. The dietary staff is well trained and conscientious, ensuring that residents have healthy choices that reflect their personal tastes. Food variety is a big benefit at Garden Spot Village. With a variety of dining choices and on-site restaurants, residents have the opportunity to enjoy different types of cuisine.

In a retirement community that offers healthcare on campus there is always a need for health care workers and a support staff to attend to the special needs of residents who need assisted or skilled care. At Garden Spot Village retirement community they put emphasis on treating residents with respect and dignity, and this shows in the care that they receive from the health care team. There are resident assistants and CNAs who help people with needs that include everything from styling their hair to helping with bathing. Assistants keep in mind at all times that they are dealing with people, not patients, and they act accordingly. The human resources staff at Garden Spot Village makes sure that they hire employees who are compassionate, respectful, and who understand the faith-based principles upon which the community is based.

At the Garden Spot Village retirement community they have on-site medical staff who can administer medication to healthcare residents who need it, and treat injuries if necessary. Residents feel secure knowing that there are licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants available around the clock to assist them with their needs or the needs of their spouses. All employees at Garden Spot Village community work closely with residents and ask for feedback and suggestions on how they can do their specific jobs more effectively. It is this kind of supportive and communicative atmosphere between staff and residents that helps this community be as successful as it is. There is a spirit of trust at Garden Spot that helps everyone to work and live together in harmony.

Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens. At Garden Spot Village residents are privileged to live in a beautiful, well kept, and community-oriented retirement home.

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