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Garden Spot Village is a retirement community that thrives upon a foundation of Christian values and the principles of fellowship and respect. For over 12 years this community has been thriving, and it is easy to understand why. The people who work at Garden Spot don’t look at residents as people that they have to take care of, but rather as people whom they feel privileged to help and serve. Residents who live at the Garden Spot Village community lead purposeful fulfilling lives, enjoying their retirement years in an atmosphere of support and friendship. This non-profit retirement village is a place where staff strives to provide senior citizens with the resources they need to develop new initiatives and impact the world based on the underlying principles of faith and fellowship. As a result there is a strong sense of community that shines through in every aspect of this successful community.

Back in 1990, two Christian businessmen, Ivan Martin and Victor F. Weaver, began to dream of establishing a retirement community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania that was built upon a foundation of living daily in the spirit of Christ’s love. A worthy venture, these two men worked toward that dream and it came to fruition when the first residents moved into Garden Spot Village in 1996. The layout and design of the village fosters a sense of fellowship and community among residents. Staff is cheerful and respectful, encouraging an atmosphere of respect and support among everyone who lives and works at Garden Spot Village. These values continue to be the basis of how life is lived at Garden Spot, and they are what has made it such a thriving community.

Teamwork is an important part of the way things work at Garden Spot Village. This isn’t just limited to teamwork among the staff, however. Staff and residents work together to ensure that this retirement village thrives as a community in its own right and as an important part of the surrounding communities as well. The staff takes their cues from residents, listening to their concerns and addressing their needs, and the residents embrace opportunites as contributing members of the community as well. There is no patronization of residents by the staff at Garden Spot Village; only support and cooperation. This kind of atmosphere helps everyone to thrive, and visitors to Garden Spot notice right away that this community thrives in very successful ways.

The staff at Garden Spot Village community knows that it isn’t enough to just provide for the physical needs of their residents with housing. They go a step further offering a balanced lifestyle that helps meet emotional and spiritual needs as well. This sense of passion is a really big advantage for Garden Spot Village, that several other retirement communities simply do not have. At Garden Spot Village, you are given the ability to spread your wings and strive to excel at new and exciting ways of life. Whether your new interest becomes mission work, business building, or simply enjoying the beautiful sunset and serene environment; Garden Spot Village encourages growth and purpose. There is a sense of security, serenity and fellowship that permeates the atmosphere of Garden Spot. The values upon which this community was built are as strong today as they were when it was first envisioned, and everyone strives to ensure that it remains that way.

Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens. At Garden Spot Village residents are privileged to live in a beautiful, well kept, and community-oriented retirement home.

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