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Visit the residents at Garden Spot Village and you will see a retirement community with a truly positive atmosphere. The staff is friendly, helpful, and always respectful. The residents are happy and sociable. The feeling that runs through this successful retirement community is one of support and the joy that comes from living with values based on faith and fellowship. Communities always thrive when the people within them reach out to one another in a spirit of friendship and camaraderie and come together for the good of all. They thrive when people work together, laugh together and support one another. At Garden Spot Village these things are the rule and not the exception. Administration, staff and residents all feel connected to each other and the community--and it shows.
One of the things that visitors and potential residents notice about Garden Spot Village is the welcoming atmosphere. They are greeted with friendly smiles and cheerful attitudes. This is normal at Garden Spot; people are happy living there and working there, and this happiness carries over to how they treat visitors and new residents. Christian values and principles guide and sustain this community, and the friendliness of its staff and residents shines through in every area. Often the families of the senior citizens who live at Garden Spot Village want to stay as long as possible when they visit because they fall in love with the upbeat and welcoming atmosphere. They are always grateful knowing that their loved ones are living in a community that is helping them make the best of their golden years.

The atmosphere at Garden Spot Village is enhanced by the regular events that are scheduled there. These events help people to meet and get to know each other, and find friends in the community with whom they share common interests. These events also help the residents at Garden Spot Village become involved in community affairs and feel good knowing that they are valued and productive members. Residents at Garden Spot aren’t just passive attendants at scheduled events, either. Often they are the creators and the planners! With expertise born of experience, residents of this community come up with wonderful ideas for get-togethers, celebrations, and special events that everyone can enjoy, including the administration and staff.

It is not always easy for senior citizens to move from homes that they have lived in for so many years and start over in a retirement community. The staff and residents at Garden Spot Village are keenly aware of this, and they go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome. It doesn’t take long at all for new residents to feel completely at home and start becoming active members of this supportive and friendly community. They realize quickly that they will always be treated like the useful members of society that they are, and that they will receive the respect that they deserve. Residents at Garden Spot are happy, fulfilled and glad to be members of such a thriving and successful community.

Garden Spot Village is the premier retirement community for senior citizens. At Garden Spot Village residents are privileged to live in a beautiful, well kept, and community-oriented retirement home.

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