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With the rapid development of the Internet and the increasing popularity of multiplayer gaming, games have become the 'in' thing with our generation.

There has been a notable increase in online multiplayer elements being integrated into most games. With the onslaught of new gaming titles in the market, more and more people are starting to explore the gaming world. Even if competitive gaming doesn't measure to the ranks of actual competitive games like sports, it's still getting a strong following. There are a few titles which have fostered their own competitive communities.

The descendant of the well-liked "Warcraft III" custom map "Defense of the Ancients," "League of Legends" is earning more and more followers. True that its impact does not quite compare with its precursor, particularly outside the US and Europe, but still it is not one to be put aside. The developers have made some alterations for the better and now the gameplay has more depth and options that the previous versions lacked. No wonder LoL is on the lead right now, even displacing DoTa in almost all important tournaments.

"Counter-Strike" is one of the most popular titles in the FPS market and has managed to become even bigger that the game it originated from. The game still makes waves in competitive online gaming events and even stayed longer than top rank titles like "Unreal Tournament" and "Quake 3," along with a long list of FPS titles that have come out since. The game still maintains the basics, along with a number of updates, which have made the game so much more fun to play. The team features also introduces the "clan" concept in gamers.

To say that the first installment of "StarCraft II" was highly anticipated before its release is an understatement. Fans waited for over a decade but it paid off. The game has eventually taken the place of the original as the go-to title for strategy players of competitive online games. But that is not the end of it. The game has been perpetually balanced and re-balanced by Blizzard Entertainment, offering answers and counter-answers to anything that any given faction in the game has to give. The final outcomes is a much more complicated yet charming version of chess. At present, plenty of depth strategies are still being discovered for the game itself and the meta-game. Who knows how long that would take. Another decade? God forbid longer. But so far, everybody is patient and optimistic.

"Street Fighter IV" is an excellent bet for online games that go one-on-one. The long-overdue addition is an improved version of its predecessor. It brings back the appeal of the classic cast of "Street Fighter II", while sticking to the roots of strategic combat of the original series.

As opposed to the belief of most people, video games are actually healthy and beneficial, especially to children. They can help develop logic and cognitive skills, improve social skills and have gain advance technological skills, which are very important nowadays. If played in moderation and with proper supervision, video games assist children through their growth and development.

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