Game Reviews: Assassinís Creed 2

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Assassinís Creed is undeniably one of the best games today. The concept, game play, and graphics made the first installment of this game stand out. However, there are a few weak points in Assassinís Creed, and this is why the developers of the game released Assassinís Creed 2. This game is definitely something that will glue you on your seats for weeks.

The story of Assassinís Creed 2 takes place in 2012. Desmond Miles plays the role of the main character and with Lucy Stillman, they escaped from Abstergo Industries. Along the way, Desmond encounters Animus, a machine with the ability to recall lost memories. There Desmond finds that he is training to be one of the best assassins in the world.

In order to finish the game, you need to execute both attack and stealth abilities. The stealth has been explained in all aspects on the game, and it will be impossible for you to finish Assassinís Creed 2 without the stealth.

The first installment is a great game, but all the weaknesses were fixed in this installment, making Assassinís Creed 2 an almost perfect game. The stages of the game may be a bit tougher for most players, but this game offers a feature that will allow you to practice all the skills that you need in order to finish the game. Some of the skills that you need are picking pockets, hiding, assassinate, and fighting.

The only problem about this game is it can only be played with Xbox 360. I would give this game, 4.8 out of 5 stars for the graphics and audio and 5 out of 5 for the game play because it fixes all the loopholes in the first installment. Overall, I would give this game, 4.9 out of 5 stars. This is a game that I would definitely suggest to all hardcore gamers and Assassinís Creed fans.

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