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Konami is a known as a great game developer, and they are set to release another great game that will make anyone’s holiday season more fun. The Karaoke Revolution Glee is a game based on the popular TV series Glee. All the Glee fans out there would definitely love to play this game, because this game goes well with the hit TV series.

This game will allow you play the role of your favorite Glee characters, with more than 35 songs to choose from. With the help of the motion-sensing capabilities of Nintendo Wii, the player will get a chance to interact with their favorite characters physically.

The game will require you to finish different challenges that will surely test your vocal chords. Upon winning games, you will be awarded with Glee points that will be used to unlock other challenges. This game is definitely unique because it has the ability to accurately capture the pitch and tone of the player and convert it to the voice of the character in-game.

Some people say that this game is comparable to Rock Band, because it requires a player to use a microphone and have their voices converted to the avatar’s voice. However, the ability of this game to capture a player’s voice is more accurate, and the notes of the songs are more complex. With the HD graphics and audio of this game, the players won’t have a hard time generating the raw feelings of professional singers.

If you want to have fun with your family and friends, why not try this latest game from Konami. You can purchase this game for $59.99, and it will surely bring out the singer in you. Nothing beats the experience of singing with your family members, and Konami made a good job a developing a game that will bring family members and friends closer.

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