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Besides providing unlimited entertainment DISH Network also imparts education as well. There are loads of informative shows being featured on numerous channels. If you are a person who loves to acquire knowledge on various subjects then you will surely love to watch the programs featured on a wide variety of channels. These channels bring you some of the best educative and informative content that open up a whole new world of knowledge.

Earlier people though that watching television was of no use as it did not offer education or information. And on top of that the picture and sound quality was equally bad. People were forced to view distorted images and it was quite painful. The sound was almost inaudible. But then came the age of digital entertainment and things changed for the better. Now viewers can watch their favorite shows pertaining both education and entertainment at the same time. The picture and sound quality is superb.

At one point of time books were considered as the power-house of knowledge but with the arrival of the Satellite TV services things have changed for the better. Now you can call satellite TV as your new power-house of knowledge. You can gain knowledge on a wide variety of subjects like science, history, geography, art, wildlife and many more. The various informative shows on different channels is sure to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Let us analyze the various sectors from where you can gain a lot of information by viewing numerous channels.


There are loads of wildlife related shows on numerous channels of your DISH TV. You can come to know about the various species of the animal kingdom existing on your planet earth. The wildlife photographers do excellent video shoots to give you a clear picture of how these animals survive in the extreme conditions. They take pictures of the once upon a time skeleton remnants of those species that survived millions of years back.


There are a lot many cookery shows aired on channels like Food Network that showcases a number of mouth-watering recipes prepared by the renowned chefs of the world. You can try some of these recipes at home instead of dining out with your family at some expensive restaurants.

Historical Facts:

The History Channel of DISHNetwork portrays events of the past of numerous places all over the world. Few of these past events are enacted to give a clear picture covering all the particular facts and important dates.


The Science channel keeps you updated about all the new technologies and scientific discoveries taking place every now and then. You can gain a lot of information about the forensic science as well to have clear knowledge of how the investigators make use of forensic science while working on complex cases.

People and Places:

Satellite TV channels like Discovery Channel and The National Geographic takes you different places worldwide. You can come across various types of civilizations still existing in places that were so long remain hidden far away from human intervention. You can come to about the various culture and customs of these tribal people and have a clear picture how these people lead their everyday life.

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