Gag Gifts that are Hilarious and Unforgettable

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As we near the holiday season, we are reminded of the joy we get from giving to our friends and loved ones. Usually, we know our friends and family well enough to pick out a gift that we are certain they will like. But have you ever had a friend who's just impossible to shop for? Or do you have someone on your gift list with a terrific sense of humor? You might want to consider a gag gift. These fun novelty items are sure to provide hours of amusement for your friends and family. Plus, gag gifts are inexpensive, unique gifts. If you are searching for the perfect gag gift, here are some great ideas.

Is there a hunter, or outdoorsman on your gift list? He'll really get a kick out of the classic Humorous Deer Hunter Sculptures. These figurines hilariously depict what would happen if the tables were turned and the hunter became the hunted. These pieces would be perfect on display in a country home, and make great gifts for hunters with a sense of humor. Various scenes include hunter looking through binoculars for a deer right behind him, hunter strapped to a jeep being driven by a deer, hunter strapped to a rifle being carried by a deer and more. Each figurine is approximately 6 inches high.

Got a dad or grandfather who has never really minded a little gross humor? Maybe he's getting a little older, and hair is popping up where it didn't used to be? Get him the Finger Nose Hair Trimmer! The unforgettable gag is a fun and functional way to get rid of pesky nose and ear hairs. The finger shaped novelty makes hair trimming quick and entertaining. No need to lift a finger, you can pick this beauty up right online! The Finger Nose Hair Trimmer would make a great "over the hill" birthday present.

Almost every girl loves a cuddly teddy bear, so why not a cuddly teddy bear that passes gas? The Remote Control Farting Bear looks adorable, but can clear the room with the push of a button. A remote control regulates his flatulence, enabling you to gross out unsuspecting people. You could sit him on the couch and surprise guests from across the room, or give him to your sweetheart as a gift, but keep the remote control for yourself!

Have a friend who has a bad sense of direction? He or she might be the perfect candidate for the Annoying GPS Gag. It might not direct you to your destination, but it is sure to have you laughing all the way there. Press the button to hear the British female voice deliver one of many unhelpful comments in the style of a GPS. These witty one-liners are sure to strike a chord with drivers. Remember, there are no actual directions; this is strictly for entertainment and is not intended for navigation. Comments include, "I know you are a man, but can you please admit you are lost and ask for directions," "I'm sorry we didn't sleep together last night, but can you stop driving like a lunatic," "In 50 feet turn off the ball game and put on my favorite Barry Manilow CD," "In 100 feet, stop and think, did you lock the back door," and "In 100 yards I'm going to talk to you in that special voice which should let you know you've upset me in someway."

Sometimes, getting a scream out of somebody can be just as amusing as evoking a laugh. You'll be sure to get the women in your life shrieking when you shock them with the Remote Control Rat! This would be a perfect as an office gag, pulling a few pranks on friends and coworkers with this hairy rodent complete with lifelike fur, light-up eyes and realistic movement.

Do you have a friend who is a mechanic, or maybe just a friend whose car has seen better days? Keep them in stitches for hours by slapping a Magnetic Car Bandage on their hood! The Magnetic Car Bandage is the cheapest, easiest, and definitely the funniest way to fix car damage in this day and age. Easy to apply and remove without damaging the car, you can put the Magnetic Car Bandage over dents, rust, or any surface that needs healing (or hiding).

Gag gifts are a great idea for nearly any friend, and for nearly every occasion. They can put a smile on even the sternest face, and will provide an unforgettable memory for years to come. Next time you have someone on your gift list and can't decide what to get, buy a gag gift!

Cynthia Andrews is a freelance writer who writes about the holidays, family and gifts

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