Further benefits of white and blue light therapy

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Medication has traditionally been the best way to treat the symptoms or the root causes, of several disorders such as SAD, major depression and mood swings associated with the weather. In recent years, extensive studies by leading experts and institutions have been conducted on a trial basis and most, if not all, have found overwhelming evidence that light therapy - which has several variations including laser, sunlight / white light, red light and blue light therapy - is highly effective in curing such conditions as SAD, non-seasonal major depression and mood disorders related to physiological changes (for example, in pregnancy). Light therapy is also time-effective; meaning that where common medication and / or psychiatric help may take several months or even years, this therapy shows noticeable results within a week.

Binge Eating disorder 'Bulimia Nervosa' connected to depression

This is a form of disorder which causes an unnecessary high intake of food in a very short time (it is very like getting the munchies; however it is an eating binge with no apparent reason). Studies have revealed that Bulimia may have a cause and effect relationship with depression, specifically with SAD, as many people who have this disorder have these eating binges at the onset of season changes and this condition is often accompanied by depression and is often followed by purging, fasting and heightened activity as well as lack of sleep. This is a condition which is very difficult to detect, even at close quarters, however many cases of overeating and obesity have been connected with psychological reasons before.

In a recent study conducted at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, patients suffering from a combination of SAD and associated Bulimia were treated using bright light therapy (which may involve the use of White, Green or Blue light lamps). In this study, it was observed that after about a fortnight worth of treatment (using 10,000 LUX bright light for half-hour sessions every day) the therapy not only reduced the occurrence of binge eating episodes but greatly reduced the intensity and frequency of the previously regular periods of depression. It results are inconclusive as to the relationship between bulimia and SAD, however, it shows that both are effectively treated at the same time using bright light therapy.

Bright light and Premenstrual Syndrome

Recent clinical testing has also revealed that light therapy in the phase preceding menstruation can provide relief from pre-menstrual depression as well. The test-treatment has been conducted in the luteal phase just before the onset of menstruation and results have shown significant improvements in the mood of the tested subjects and have also shown a reduction in the physical tension associated with menstruation. This treatment involves no drugs, and is beneficial for women who suffer a higher degree or depression, stress and physical tension in the premenstrual period and do not respond well or have suffered side effects (including weight gain) due to PMS medication.

Blue light therapy is a very good option when considering light treatment as it is safe (when eye protection is used) and contains no UV elements at all (which are found in full-spectrum white light). This type of therapy can be conducted in the comfort of your own home, using portable blue, green or white light devices for hourly or half-hourly sessions every day around the premenstrual period.





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