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Technological advancement has enabled us to come up with many ways to have fun. One of them is to shoot and enjoy funny videos.

The last century was revolutionary in the technological sense. Many development work happened in the century that defined the history of the world. New means of entertainment like cinema, radio and television came up to amaze and amuse the humans. When the moving pictures was invented people marveled at the moving images. When humans heard radio for the first time they were surprised that one can actually hear voice of people sitting far away from them. The advent of television surprised people with their ability to show images and sounds live happening at far aways areas.

Later the advent of video recorder and video player were also amazing in the sense now normal people were able to record and see moving image at their homes. It was a revolution as far as entertainment was considered. It resulted in many people recording and watching their funny videos at home. Some TV programmes started that showed home videos shot by viewers. People got a thrill by seeing their moving pictures being telecast on TV networks.

Due to technical advancement, the prices of video recorders and players have come down fast. Now watching videos have become quite popular. After the advent of the Internet, people got the opportunities to showcase their home made videos to the worldwide audience. Now a days there are many popular web portals that host videos shot by users. People can record and upload their videos online to show to the whole world. They can also share the same also to their online friends by sending them the link provided by the video hosting website.

The advancement in technology of capturing images and sound in good quality has also made it possible to shoot an entire feature film on video and show them to the audience in cinema halls. It is besides the fast growth of home made funny videos that are spread all over the Internet.


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