Funeral Urns - keepers of our loved ones

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In times of bereavement it is often difficult to know how best to honor and remember our loved ones. Emotion runs high and sometimes clouds our senses and mind, making it difficult to know how we want to remember those we have lost. One way we can make a statement of love and remembrance is by choosing a Funeral Urn. Such Funeral Urns can be highly personalized and special and they make a statement about the person we have lost.

The tradition of using Funeral Urns to store ashes has been around since prehistoric times, cremation or Funeral Urns dating back 8ooo years to the Neolithic age have been found in Istanbul. These urns contained human ashes wrapped in cloth and every day items and private belongings. This illustrates how powerful the remembrance of the deceased can be traditionally. Cremation has been around since prehistoric times and continues to be a burial custom today. The use of Funeral Urns has become an integral part of this burial custom and it can be a highly personalized way to remember loved ones.

In memory of our loved ones we often have keepsakes and mementos, and the use of a Funeral Urn can be a fitting memento. Most of us when dealing with the emotional aspect of someone dying become very sentimental and it is difficult to see clearly a way of remembering our loved ones that does not become morbid or depressing. Choosing Funeral Urns can be one method of remembrance that expresses our emotion, sentiment and love for those past, and we can often take comfort in making the perfect choice for someone. It is rare today that we will display Funeral Urns in our home, although Victorians in England often did just that and kept their loved ones urn on display on the mantelpiece. The Victorian era was possibly the last to make death, dying and honoring of the deceased an elaborate affair.

Often when making a decision about the best way to store or dispose of a persons ashes we will keep them in the Funeral Urns temporarily. It may be that the deceased had very specific wishes about the disposal or storage of their remains and we need to bear this in mind. There are some Funeral Urns designed to make scattering of ashes easier, and if this is an express wish of the deceased then it is something to think about when choosing Funeral Urns. If you wish to bury the loved ones remains you can get biodegradable Funeral Urns or containers.

As cremation is becoming a very popular funeral rite there is an ever increasing, often bewildering array of Funeral Urns. The main thing to bear in mind is the wishes of your loved one regarding the keeping or disposal of their remains. Any wish they had needs to be taken into consideration. You will also know in your heart what is best for their final resting place, and the final decision on what to do with loved ones ashes will come naturally.

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