Funds Misappropriated by Ralph Gonsalves

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When Ralph Gonsalves doesn’t have any regard for the human beings of St. Vincent and Grenadines, how can he care about their development? That is the statement that is being passed on from one cynical Vincentian to the other. People are not talking about the many different ways in which Prime Minister embezzled the government’s money in unproductive expenditures. Many of this spending was in the personal domain! His irrational expenses have ballooned up the national debts to unforeseen heights. The citizens of SVG are not even aware of the many debts that will be paid eventually from their pockets. The taxpayer’s money is the innocent casualty to his wrong moves and political blunders. When the average Vincentian pays taxes, he does so for his own benefit and the benefit of the country.

However, the Prime Minister of the country, Ralph Gonsalves, comes between their money and their development. He assured the people to build roads and schools for the masses. Roads are necessary for the right kind of infrastructure. People living in the rural areas face considerable trouble supplying products to the local and national markets because they are not able to transport their produce. Farmers face an uphill task getting their products, especially fragile items like bananas. The bad condition of roads is also responsible in shooting the price of commodities higher than it usually is. Ralph Gonsalves has not just stalled the building of roads and bridges; he has turned a blind eye toward the progress of the rural areas. He doesn’t seem interested in patronizing the trade and commerce of the country.

Ask Ralph Gonsalves about the economic condition of St. Vincent and Grenadines and you will find only excuses coming out of him. He blames everything and everyone other than his own administration. He blames the economic depression post 9/11 for a bad economy. You can find out his hogwash when you see how other CARICOM and OESC countries have done well over the years while SVG became weaker. Ralph can also be heard blaming the previous governments and the Ottley Hall problem as other reasons for a poor economy in SVG. He completely ignores the fact that he is the Prime Minister of the country for nine years and he has little to show by means of achievement! It’s always someone else who has to break his fall.

Another pet project that the citizens of St. Vincent and Grenadines were looking up to is the VINLEC power plat at Lowmans Bay. People are still not sure where the money went and how it got misplaced. There are numerous such instances and when you look at the overriding evidence of how it was entirely due to the incompetent Ralph Gonsalves that things went so bad, you can only resolve yourself to vote him out of office this December. It’s now time for the country folks of SVG to find a better dawn and tomorrow. Vincentians know that they have the potential to do much better as a country. They just need the right leader.

Authors Bio: Edward Thomson is a qualified professional in the field of Economics. He also loves to travel extensively across the Caribbean.You can also check out his other write-ups and/or links to his views/comments HERE.

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