Functions and Effects of Cosmetic Botox Injections

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Botox is made from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. This is similar to botulism bacteria, which causes food poisoning. Yet despite this threat, Botox has been proven to be useful and effective for cosmetic surgeries. That is why a lot of people are still using Botox injection for their beautification needs.

Botox injection has many uses especially in the field of cosmetic surgery like temporary removal of facial wrinkles. When Botox is injected into your body, it paralyzes or weakens the muscles where it is injected. It blocks the signals that your nerves send to your muscles. And this results to the prevention of your skin from sagging.

People who had cosmetic Botox injection not only experience the benefit of youthful looks but also side effects which usually do not last. Some of the common side effects are headache, temporary sag of eyelids, distressed stomach, fever, chills, cough, and runny nose. Though these are common, it is still advisable to consult your condition with a doctor.

If you are planning to have a Botox injection, it is best to know first if you are safe to have one. Florida Botox surgeons do not encourage their patients who have sclerosis, have bleeding disorders, or are under any medication to have Botox injections because the drugs they use may cause negative reactions with Botox. Pregnant mothers are not also encouraged to have Botox for it may cause a threat to the life of both mother and child.

Botox injections are recommended to treat various signs of aging. Florida Botox patients use this to temporary remove severe frown lines and creases on their forehead. They also use it to treat small wrinkles around the eyes or crow’s feet, which are commonly caused by sunlight. However, all kinds of wrinkles can neither be treated through Botox – like wrinkles caused by sun damage – nor can their lost skin elasticity be returned. That is why the ideal age range of patients who can use this treatment is from 18 to 65.

Though most surgeries are successful, you should not forget to ask your doctor if surgery is safe for your condition. If it is safe for you, try a Florida facial plastic surgery. They offer brow lift, laser skin resurfacing, and eyelid surgery. Adding to that, now that you already know the functions and effects of the Botox injection, you can enjoy youthful skin without any worries. Can’t wait to look young? Go on and have the youthful face you’ve always wanted!

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