Functional and Aesthetic Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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Humans react very positively to symmetry. They regard a symmetrical appearance as perfect, basing their judgment of beauty on it. Symmetry is just among the many benefits of Rhinoplasty or nose reshaping, a surgical procedure for improving the appearance and function of the nose. Rhinoplasty uses either of the two approaches: closed or open.

Rhinoplasty improves not only the symmetry of the nose, but also its size and shape. It also improves breathing and corrects birth defects. The nose must have a symmetric appearance because it is right in the middle of the face. While facial balance is determined by the association of the basic facial organs such as the eyes and lips, the nose must be symmetrical since it marks the center of the face.

The nose must also possess a good shape since it is a very visible part. No matter how perfect the eyes and the lips are placed, the face will not be attractive if the nose is shaped oddly. Some noses are humped with wide tips, while others have small nostrils. These imperfections can be mended by Rhinoplasty. Many adept Rhinoplasty surgeons can be found in large cities like Los Angeles, California.

Some procedures performed by Rhinoplasty surgeons in Los Angeles have improve the size of the nose. The nose must neither be too small nor too large in proportion with the eyes, ears and lips. By removing some excess tissues like cartilage and bone, or adding tissues from other parts of the body, the nose can have a desirable size.

On the other hand, Rhinoplasty improves more than the aesthetic quality of the nose. Certain procedures are done to fix some irregularities in breathing, smelling, or even speech. Rhinoplastic surgeons in Los Angeles normally widen the narrow nasal passages to allow enough air to enter the nose. This alleviates the pain caused by breathing difficulties.

Rhinoplasty can also be performed as early as birth when a baby has nose defects like cartilage deviation and asymmetrical nose shape. By doing this, symptoms that may affect the functional systems of the body can be alleviated. Reconstructive surgery like this is different from purely cosmetic surgical procedures like tummy tuck Los Angeles surgeons offer.

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