Fun With Laminators For Kids

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Laminating machines can be used to create professional graphics, posters, and banners. Compact devices are needed to make ID badges, key cards, and name tags. But increasingly people are purchasing laminators for their home. Kids love to express their creativity and a laminator provides another outlet for this. Here are a few things children can make with a laminator.


  • Bookmarks. Make reading fun by helping your kids put pictures and drawings together to create their own personal bookmark. These also make fun, inexpensive party favors or afternoon craft that kids can make themselves.

  • Magnets. Did you know cold laminators can help your children create custom magnets? These machines apply a magnet backing while coating the front. The result is a personalized magnet. These are fun for kids to make and give away as gifts at Christmas time. Grandparents especially love getting handmade presents from their grandkids. Magnet makers can also be used to create custom notepads to adhere to your fridge.

  • Stickers. Laminate material with a sticky back is perfect for creating stickers. This is especially beneficial for making a scrapbook. Gluing can lead to sticky fingers and smudges on the pictures. A sticker can cleanly attach to the scrapbook page without leaving a mess.

  • Activity mats. Kids get bored quickly at restaurants and children's menus don't appeal to all age groups. Have your kids put together an assortment of single person games, such as a maze, connect the dots, a word search, a crossword puzzle, or any other game they might like. Laminating a sheet of these provides simple entertainment while you wait for your food. Simply wipe them off and you can use them next time.

  • Games. Long car or train rides leave kids bored and antsy. Creating some reusable game boards for them can ease the boredom. Make a sheet of dots and have them connect them in turn to see who can create the most squares. Or make a hangman board, complete with a gallows and an area for used letters. Tween girls may enjoy a MASH template to see what their future holds. The possibilities are endless.

  • Portable whiteboards. Sometimes it isn't practical to lug a huge pad of paper. A laminated blank sheet of printer paper works well as a reusable drawing pad. This is very handy to have on camping and hiking trips.

  • Placemats. Laminated collages make great placemats for kids. They can take favorite cartoons or pictures or memorabilia and design a fun placemat. These work great on picnics, camping trips, boat outings, and other outdoor adventures.

  • Preserve artwork. Kids love to paint and draw and then put those creations on the fridge. If one of these masterpieces accidentally rips or gets spilled on, they're heartbroken. Laminating their art will prevent this from happening.


This is only a short compilation of potential laminator uses. There are countless others, as you and your family will discover. A laminator is a great investment for any family with children and can provide hours of entertainment. Go check them out today to find the perfect machine for you!

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