Fun Gifts Your Friends Will Love

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Before we could even say "Christmahanakwanza," the holiday season has snuck upon us. Now comes the time for friends and loved ones to gather around, exchange seasonal pleasantries and enjoy a delicious and extravagant family meal. It is also the season to troll the town mall, hopping from crowded shop to crowded shop in search of that perfect gift for your friends.

But sometimes the ideal present is not of the practical or special kind. In fact, sometimes the greatest gift of all can be amusing and entertaining, one that will keep your friends busy and active, laughing and sharing stores for years to come. So before you walk through the jam-packed stores of your local strip mall, check out the list below of gift ideas your buddies are sure to love.

Fold Up Pool Table

Do you have a pal who gets a kick out of playing pool at your local pub or billiards joint? Then rack ‘em up with the Fold Up Pool Table. This 44-in x 24-in x 2-in table folds nicely away and can be easily stored in closets, under a bed or in a corner. The gift comes complete with a rack, a set of 1.5-in balls, net pockets, cue-stick chalk and two cue-sticks. Any billiard aficionado will take pleasure in this mini-size portable table that can pulled out and racked up during parties and small gatherings - an easy to keep attendees from getting board.

Roll Out Keyboard

Is your friend's favorite movie Big, or is there an inner musician just looking to play their way out? Then bring it back to the late ‘80s and get them the Roll Out Keyboard. The roll up design of this compact electronic keyboard allows the instrument to tuck tidily into a bag, allowing you to perform your smooth piano moves for anyone, anywhere. Requiring just three AAA batteries, this silicone board features 10 pre-programmed songs, 16 tone choices, 99 rhythm choices, cutting-edge sound and 37 keys for three full octave range, and includes an AC jack. Let the music begin!

Chevy Wall Table

Now what about that car loving comrade of yours that just wishes they owned a sleek '67 Chevy Impala? Get them the Chevy Wall Table as some inspiration in lieu of the real thing. Complete with a glass-top shelf, this '57 Chevy Bel Air replica hanging table features authentic detailing designed after the celebrated model, hooded headlights, side ventiports and the trademark Chevy insignia (dimensions are 20.5-in x 6.5-in x 8.25-in). Sure, it might not be the Impala, but this Chevy Wall Table is just as sweet.

World's Largest Crossword Puzzle

Remember the 2006 movie Wordplay, the documentary that followed The New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz and his steadfast fanbase? Well, if your friend is among those fans - and loves to exercise their mind with trivia and puzzles - then buy them the World's Largest Crossword Puzzle. Made for ages 12 and up, this enormous cardboard and paper crossword puzzle hands 7-ft x 7-ft on any wall, and includes over 91,000 squares with over 28,000 clues, and a 100-page clue book that offers helpful hints. The modular design also allows for folding on a tabletop or lap for easy solving. Your friends will exercise their brain muscles in no time!

Zone Wireless Game Station

Is your best buddy addicted to arcade games? Then the Zone Wireless Game Station is your best bet in satisfying their interactive arcade cravings. To start the gaming fun, just connect the plug-and-play console, which comes with a simple hand-held controller, to your television and start the excitement with a selection of 32 games (batteries are required to turn on). Whether it's classic puzzle games like Tetris, mind benders like chess or Sudoku, competitive sports like fencing, golf and basketball, or even their own Olympics in track & field, you and your friend (it's multi-player capable) will have hours upon hours of fun with this wireless game station.

The Pooter

This gift idea is, of course, more of a gag than a useful present, but we all have that one friend who likes to make farting noises when people (including you) walk by. So indulge their inner mischievous kid with The Pooter. This plastic and rubber apparatus places realistic and loud fart noises in their hand (minus the smell!), so they can tease and annoy everyone with fake flatulence. To get those bursts of air going, just give the soft device a squeeze, and change the positioning of The Pooter's air hole to adjust the sound. You're sure to have a gas!

Remember, when coming up with a gift idea for your friend this holiday season, think of something fun, playful and overall interesting. Buying a gift tailored to your buddy that is also sure to provide entertainment is something they will have a blast with.

Annamarya Scaccia is a freelance writer who writes about the holidays, family and gifts

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