Fun Games For That Special Baby Event

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With everyone being excited about the new baby the only thing that can top off a special baby shower event is fun games to play. Sometimes theses baby shower games are strange when they are first described to the players, but once they start to play they began to have lots of fun.

On of the most popular games is using toilet tissue measure the size of the mother's belly.This can be done with tissue, string, or rope. Each player has to take the chosen material and try to guess how much of it will fit around the mothers belly. They cut it to the size they think will fit and try it by wrapping it around the mother and her belly. The part of the games that is the most fun is what the mother looks like after everyone has secured their guesses in place.

If the sex of the baby is not known you can play a guessing game where each guest makes a wager on how sure they are the baby is a girl or a boy. This game lasts until the baby is actually born so the excitement continues way after the event is over. The mother gets to keep the wager from the guest or the host may have the host split the wagers.

Everyone likes a good mystery, so play the mystery bag game With this baby shower game all types of baby items are place in a bag among other things. Each player has to close their eyes or be blindfolded and try and guess the items in the bag. After this they have to try and count the number of baby items in the bag.

Moms have to be able to do everything so let them show off their maternal experience with this "What If" game. Place some odd items like toile tissue, a water balloon, cheese, peanut butter, a safety pin, rope, etc in front of the guest. Then you go through and ask a series of question like if your baby was crying and all you had was_____how would you use it. If you ran out of diapers and all you had was ___________what would you do. The fun of this is listening to how each parent uses the odd items to try and fix the situation.

There are 100's of other games that can be played or mortified to fit your taste. The best part is most of these games are easy to set-up and in expensive to buy. As the host your job is to encourage the guests to play the games and try to engage as many as possible. Try to encourage everyone to participate and once you get them warmed up they will have a blast.


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