Fuel contamination

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As the development of science and technology in 21 century, say, the invention of usb 2.0 and mobile phone, the speedy update of computer and electronics, modern transportation also makes a huge progress in its area; if you walk out of your apartment and arrive to the traffic zone, then you will find that an ocean of vehicle are everywhere traveling like numerous tiny ants on the watermelon; you must be familiar with this phenomenon.

The vehicle, I have to say, is a very essential and most popular form of daily modern transportation. Now we can see that with the effectively assistant of vehicle, the space between our departure and our destination has benign greatly shorten, besides, it did help us save our previous time and pretty improve our working efficiency, sometimes, we nearly can’t imagine how terrible our work and life will become without the help of vehicle !

However, on the one hand, our life has become more convenient with the assistant of vehicles, on the other hand, as the rapidly increasing number of private car, our living environment has being badly deteriorate by the large number of cars. Just like the phone owner tend to purchase iphone covers to match up with his treasure, such is human nature that a people with a middle-level financial situation would like to purchase at least one apartment and a car to match up with his celebrated fame, however, at the time you tendly to boost how rich you are, our environment has being tortured by the fuel contamination.

It is a huge tragedy to see that we have being ruining our living environment by ourselves. So some people proposals a suggestion that to decrease the number of private cars to get avoid of pollution. But some people convinced it is a invalid viewpoint and absolutely will meet its failure at last. What is your viewpoint? And to some extent you agree with that this proposal is workable or not? As my personal viewpoint, this issue is basically depends, here just keep an eye on my view.

Decreasing of the number of vehicle is unreasonable for the majority of the car’s owners. But it is an emergency that to effectively protect our living environment from pollution, thus some vehicle developed some new-style cares which operated by the natural gas or power but gasoline. Just suppose that you put the rechargeable batteries into the car’s energy and then you could enjoy a whole week’s vehicle service, it is fantastic, isn’t it?

The car is the symbol of your wealthy but more than wealthy. Sometime, the wise advertiser link their car into fashion trend, and when the media boot that how important a good environment is , then the environmental protection also evaluate itself into a kind of fashion, then the sales volume of clean energy- operated car will be increased largely . when the issue of purchasing energy-operated car become a fashion trend, then we could count on the zero-pollution vehicle world will come to us as early as possible.

“There are some technology puzzles still up in the air, and the buyer would purchase the oil-consume car than the clean-energy-drive one” said by Tom. Jones, a prominent vehicle developer.

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