From dry and frizzy to naturally beautiful hair

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Fair complexion, acne free skin, toned up body and "lackluster hair" - doesn't quite go well, isn't it? As a hair stylist, I have worked on all kinds of tresses and one of the commonest cribs by my customers is that of dry, frizzy hair. One of my regular customer's job requires her to stay outdoors most of the time. She complained of the moisture-less, coarse hair as it gets exposed to the sun rays for prolonged hours and when she gets back home, there's not much time to take the necessary care. No matter how nicely she'd get them styled, her locks would turn into a heap of straw-like strands, abandoning the sleek hairstyle I gave her.

It was then that I advised my customer to use Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. The product is excellent for damaged hair as it contains Quadramine Complex and a unique blend of proteins and amino acids. As the name suggests, it essentially reconstructs the roots, healing the cuticles. I explained to my client that she should shampoo her hair using a special moisturizing shampoo and follow up with Joico DPR on damp hair, leave it on for 20 minutes and rinse. It works as protein nourishment for hair making it soft and shiny. The product is cream based and has a fluffy texture that allows it to spread evenly and easily on hair. She noticed the change in her hair - she got used to having healthy, manageable and bouncy tresses post using Joico DPR. I advised her to use it once a week and the transformation in her hair stunned almost everyone!

Another restoring agent that I recommended to my client to be used every time after she washes her hair was It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In product. As it is named, it claims to do 10 unique things that "repairs" hair. Of course, it takes time to fully repair damaged hair using reconstructive products however, it can be made to look shiny and healthy much quicker, and It's a 10 does just that. First, it repairs the hair roots and conditions them so that new, healthy hair grows back. Bringing back the lost shine is the second claim. Most of our hair breaks due to tangles and this untangles the knots and automatically reduces hair breakage. Frizz is done away with and hair is protected from environmental pollutants. Split ends occur because of dryness and when your hair gets appropriate moisture, split ends is not a worry. Hair is smoother, silkier and natural body is added which makes it look healthy.

The special moisturizing shampoo that I recommended my client to use was Barex Dry hair - Hydro-therapy shampoo. Like the above two, this too nurtures and moisturizes the hair every time the hair is washed. It is enriched with exclusive rice bran oil and Brazil nut seed oil that re-conditions hair and prevents damage.

To sum it up, my recommendation for dull, damaged hair that my client had was a combination of the three products Barex Dry hair Shampoo - Hydro-therapy, It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product applied after every hair wash, and K-PAK Reconstructorused once a week. It worked miracles for my client's hair and she said goodbye to messy hair forever!

Of course there are more highly effective products available out there that address similar problems and may be used per individual needs and preference. I will address them in my future posts.

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