Frequently Asked Questions About the Royal Sovereign NR-1201 Pouch Laminator

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A high-quality professional grade laminator has a place in just about every workplace. If you need one of those devices for your document protection needs, one product you should check out is the Royal Sovereign NR-1201 Pouch Laminator. People usually have questions about this device such as what pouches are compatible with it and if can operate on a cold setting. This article will list those questions and answer them so you can make an educated choice about purchasing this machine. So continue reading to get answers to all your questions concerning the NR-1201.

  1. Does this laminator have a cold setting? Yes, it does. The NR-1201 can do both hot and cold lamination so you'll be able to laminate a variety of documents, even ones that could be damaged by hot processing.

  2. What pouches can I use with the NR-1201? This is a very versatile laminator that can handle a variety of pouches. You can use pouches as thick as 10 mil, as well as both hot and cold supplies.

  3. How fast is the NR-1201? This is one of the fastest machines Royal Sovereign manufactures. It's ready for use after just three minutes and it can laminate 1.4 feet of material in a single minute.

  4. How many rollers does this device have? The NR-1201 has four rollers. That means everything you laminate will look great and will be free of wrinkles and bubbles. Everyone who sees your work will be impressed.

  5. What size documents can I laminate with this device? This laminator has a feed opening that's just over 12 inches wide. You can laminate paper that's both letter- and legal-sized, as well as smaller documents including index cards and even ID badges.

  6. Does this machine have a reverse mode? How about an automatic shut-off feature? Unfortunately, the NR-1201 lacks both of these features. You'll need to be careful when feeding your documents into the machine so you don't end up with a jammed pouch. Make sure you also turn the device off when you're done with it so the motor doesn't end up overheating.

  7. How much room will this product take up in my office? The NR-1201 has the following dimensions: 17.7" (width) x 10" (depth) x 6.1" (height). Therefore, it shouldn't take up very much room at all.

  8. What kind of warranty does this product have? And how much will this machine set me back? This laminator comes with a limited one-year warranty. As for cost, this is one of the most reasonably priced professional-grade laminators on the market. It should cost you less than $200.00 which is quite a deal for a machine with this many features.

Hopefully this article has answered your questions about the Royal Sovereign NR-1201 Pouch Laminator. It's a great choice for busy offices and has some really great features, including its hot and cold settings and its ability to accept 10 mil pouches. For professional applications, the NR-1202 is one product that is definitely worth a look.

If you'd like to purchase the Royal Sovereign NR-1201 Laminator, you should really visit They have a great price on this machine and they also have a terrific selection of Paper Shredders. Plus, you'll get free shipping on all orders over $75.00. Check it out for yourself now!

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