French Rose---Sophie Mapuis

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Italy beautiful lady Monica Bellucci once said that "I think the real belle is the one who has the elegant of France and sex of Italy.In my heart, France star Sophie Mapuis is this real belle." If we compare the beayty of Monica Bellucci to poppy rising from the flames, her wild and spicy just can't stop to keep an eye on her, then Sophie Mapuis is a pink lotus who rises unsullied from mud, an smile on her face would make the whole town turned out to see the circus.

Sophie Mapuis, awared as "forever love" by French men. She has big bright and brown eyes. In her image, we can see the sexy of the westerns and the mstery of easterns. All in all, she was simply oozing with charm. She played a role in "laboum"(1980) when she was only 14. Once the film carried into the screen, this film attracted thousands of audiences. Her fist role in the play made an impression on everybody who saw it. Through this film, she became a new star in France moviedom. During the next five years she appeared in 3 films, laboum2(1982), fortsaganne(1984) and joyeusespues(1984). Until 1985, she met polaand famous director Andrei Zulawski, she became to act wildly in her following films, such as lamourbraque(1985), lafidélité(2000). Her acting made progress in this process, then she developed into the most bright and beautiful sexy belle in European.

There is a beauty, it can soul-stirring and silent. Sophie Mapuis is the lady who has this beauty. In China, there is a famous saying "You cannot have your cake and eat it. Beauty and wisdom can not exist together. While Sophie Mapuis own these two. She not only make films, but also write books, lieing woman (La Menteuse). She once said, words is a record of life. It is the sound of your bottom heart. Writing is an important part in life. In that book, she began with "I don't want to tell truth, because I like mystery. To some extent, mystery is a effective means to increase charming. She knows using words to record herself and life as well as living in a low-key style. The heroine in her book likes dog walking, this is come nearest to her real life. The heroine in her book is Sophie Mapuis from some aspects, and not her from other aspects. "This is not a book of myself, but so far this book is the most personalized thing in my life" she said.

In 2008, she played a role in Femmes de l'ombre, a real "uniform seduction". This movie is a turning point of her acting style, her role in this movie overturned her previous elegant manners. Have you ever seen the movie?

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