French and German Pack from DISH Network Exclusively for Enthusiastic Fans

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You can enjoy loads of entertainment with DISH Network TV. DISH Network packages offer wide array of DISH Network channels. To serve your amusement needs, you get a whole lot of programs on sports, movies, dramas, musical shows and what not. To keep you updated about the latest happenings of the world, DISH Network provides you with the latest news and political debates. Is that suffices your needs? But what about the people of other countries who are residing in America? Is there any entertainment for them from DISH Network?

For your information, there is! The international packages of DISH Network are specially designed for amusement lovers from different countries living in the United States. Whether you are from France, Germany or Africa or Greece, DISH Network have something to cherish everybody. People of creed and age can have fun from DISH Network channels.

DISH Network French Package

French programming and channels from DISH Network packages offer you a great variation suitable to your interests. The International packages give you entertainment from your homeland directly. The popular channels like TV5 Monde, France24 and Trace TV brings to you outstanding French offerings!


This package gives you the opportunity to watch variety of African and French programming. You get to see latest drama serials, news, movies, musical shows, cultural programs, children’s programs, documentaries, classic movies, cultural programs, music videos, game shows and lots more. So, French people have great fun availing this pack today! All these top grade amusements are available at a price of $19.99 per month with agreement.


With this pack you can watch DISH Network HD programs not only from France but also from other destinations like Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, and Quebec. Isn’t that a great option? Broadcasting 24 hours this TV5MONDE offers you live telecast of soccer matches right from France. The variety of shows offered is the latest news, current affairs shows, cultural entertainment and sports. How about watching the blockbuster movies from your living room? DISH Network TV has made this all possible for you! You can now enjoy top class movies along with English subtitles right from your room.

Why only movies, documentaries relating to French culture are also broadcasted on TV5MONDE. Watch with delight all sorts of entertainment from your native country! All these are available to you at a subscription price of only $9.99 for a month.

DISH Network German Package

DISH Network brings for you the comprehensive pack of German TV at an unbelievable price tag! You can choose from a plenty of entertainment options including international and local news, reality TV shows, talkies, sports and also German films – both classic and modern.


This is a comprehensive 24 hours pack for non-stop entertainment! Viewers now can relish on some exclusive German channels offering you diverse news, talk shows, series, classic and theatrical films, documentaries, sports, programs for children and women directly broadcasted from Germany.

At a promotional offer of $29.99 per month you can avail this plentiful of enjoyment!

DISH Network offers a host of international programming for its customers. You get to enjoy a wide array of DISH Network channels that broadcast original content from several countries.

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