Secure surfing using a free web-based proxy service

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Surfing the internet has many dangers and most of the times users are not even aware of the fact that your surfing habits can be tracked and your privacy is invaded.

Using a free web-based private surfing proxy service that allows its online users to browse anonymously can ensure data safety, anonymity, and privacy. Right to anonymity is covered in Amendment 4th and 5th of US Bills of Rights and those proxy servers protect it.

Another aspect is that many websites around the world block and monitor users based on their geographic IP location.

You may have found yourself unable to register or signup to a website simply because you lived in the wrong country. If you are looking for a proxy server to work around this problem, there are two solutions on getting a IP in the country.

The first solution is to use a web based proxy server that is located in the country. These are free and provide this service without downloading complex software applications which consume your PC resources.

An example is, which is easy and simple to use, is absolutely free without the hassle of downloading software.

The downside is that these kinds of proxy servers are not 100% undetectable. They reveal themselves as a proxy and it is very easy for a website to block IPs that are detected as coming from a proxy server setup.

This applies equally at your workplace or at school. Just because your IT manager cannot see, what pages you browsed, i.e. adult pages or social networking pages, he can still see the time spend on a website. Be aware, when making use of a proxy server at your place of work and don't get into trouble.

The second solution and possibly the best is to setup your own elite proxy. An elite proxy is 100% undetectable. The IPs look like any ordinary IP and it can not be detected as a proxy server. Elite proxy servers can be setup in any country you need which means getting a IP is very simple, just setup a proxy and you have access to country's IPs. Elite proxies are not free but they are the most reliable proxy server setup.

Some home networks, corporate intranets, and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use proxy servers (also known as proxies). Proxy servers act as a "middleman" or broker between the two ends of a client/server network connection. Proxy servers work with Web browsers and servers, or other applications, by supporting underlying network protocols like HTTP.
The features of proxy servers are especially important on larger networks like corporate intranets and ISP networks.
But for private users free web-based proxy servers like suffice and provide sufficient security, data protection, and maximum privacy.

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