Free VoIP Calls to international destination

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A new Internet telephone provider called Economy Calling, is offering the ability to make free internet phone calls from the web interface to almost anywhere in the world including mobile and landlines phone. No need to register or fill any form.

The mechanics are simple.
1 .- Just go to the home page
2 .- Select the country of your phone number and where you want to make call.
3 .- Write your telephone number with area code.
4 .- In the box below to do the same for the number you wish to call.
5 .- You just click on submit.
6 .- Wait for few seconds and your call will be connected to desired number.

At the bottom of that screen the details of your call and access number will appear, which you have provided to initiate the call. Also You will see a number, plus a timer will tell you how long you have to wait to initiate the call. The call will not cost you, When you call you should allow to heard only two rings as a sign that call is connected and is calling the access number. The system will return the call, pick up and wait for it to connect your call to the number you have entered. The call quality is excellent. The downside is that it only takes a minute, but you can call whenever you want the same number or others.

Personal Experience:

I had entered my mobile number and the number of my friend and click on the submit button. After that a dialog box appeared below the screen and countdown of 60 seconds starts. There is two option, one is wait for 60 seconds, and if you don't want to wait call a toll free number provided by them. I had chosen the first one but call didn't get connected. Thereafter a new dialog box appeared and provided a toll free number on behalf of my friend's number. It was written that to calls your friend, first call this toll free number. You will get few minutes for free internet phone calls but can call many times.

For more information and to check the list free destinations visit the website Economy Calling. Enjoy making Free iSD Calls to friends and family members.

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