Free Singing Lessons... and My True Pop Star Story

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Lessons start here:
Once upon a time, some years back,there was a young man with a passion for singing. Perhaps some one like you? He had sung since as far back as he could remember.

Lesson One: You Gotta Practice-Practice-Practice!
He would lock himself away in his room, practicing the latest hit song,using his Mothers hair brush as a pretend mike, and in his imagination, he was preparing to unleash his awesome vocal talents on the unsuspecting public!

Lesson Two: Get Real!
To his own hearing it sounded just as good as any pop idol you would hear on record,and better than many of the TV X Factor type "stars".
Unfortunately,not too many shared his opinion of his talents and rejected his "star-quality" as "rubbish"!

Lesson Three:Stop Dreaming...just do it!
By age 17-18 he began to feel it was high time he did something about his would-be singing career,and so began the exciting but perilous journey to becoming a pop singing star.

Lesson Four: Seek and you find!
He checked out the local music/singing teachers; there was just one in reach of his home.

Not exactly spoiled for choice then! The problem was - a) he was pretty expensive, and b) he only taught the classical operatic "Bel Canto" style of singing. But- the young man wanted to sound more like a Sinatra than a Pavarrotti !

Lesson Five: Nothing ventured....
Despite this discouragement,the youngster decided to give it a try.Nothing ventured-nothing gained. It turned out to be a fortuitous move,because the coach, a Mr Lambert,who had trained in Rome at the famous Metropolitan Opera House,not only was a brilliant teacher,but also a nice guy with the gift of encouragement. For the first time our hero was beginning to believe,for real,that he COULD make it as a singer.

Lesson Six:
With Mr Lambert's tuition and guidance,this young man was able to go on,in later years to a recording deal with the Decca label,and get radio TV and cabaret work .
Much of this success was down to good coaching and perseverance. He had suffered for example with the delicate switch over from boy to man when physically the vocal chords are fragile and liable to crack with too much strain. He learned from his mentor how often bad voice placement can lead to a promising vocal career being destroyed. This is especially so,if the student is below the age of 25. Fortunately-because of quality training-the boy was on his way.

In conclusion,let me tell you that the above story is true.I was that boy,and I am going to share on my new blog my personal adventures,lessons learned (such as above) and my "take" on today's vocal training methods and coaches.
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Ken Eden is a semi-retired minister,who has been an advertising executive journalist -recording artist, and currently, publisher of offline/online media. He lives in the UK and is a long-term student of healthy living ,music, the Bible-and everything else life enhancing!

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I am a (retired ) Church Minister ,based in South West England.

My background is fairly diverse: Prior to entering Ministry, I worked as an advertising executive for the magazine division of Associated Newspapers in Fleet Street, London ,England, in a middle management capacity.

After about 17 years of this,and seeking a less stressful life, my wife and I moved to the countryside and became more active in our Christian faith,eventuating in my seeking and being ordained into the ministry, and eventually pastoring local churches. We continued up to our "retirement" 2 years ago.

I have always loved writing and speaking and the discipline of writing,researching and delivering a 45 minute sermon every week, has led me to seek to continue writing online as a new career.

My wife and I have been students and practitioners of health fitness and nutrition for decades with emphasis on Raw Foods and Jogging (running in 10k /to Marathons) and these are the subjects I like to write upon.

We have both experienced massive health benefits over the years not to mention gained lots of knowledge we'd love to share with your readers.

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