Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup - Facts You Must Know

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There are many sites on the Internet which offer "free reverse cell phone lookup". Do these sites really offer free service or is this just a marketing trick to cheat you to visit their site?

First lets examine what is "reverse cell phone lookup" and what is "free reverse phone lookup". If you have an old phone number in your possession but you don't remember who this number belongs to or you receive prank calls from someone or you found an unknown phone number in your spouse's phone book then you must perform a reverse phone lookup. If this is a residential or business phone number you can usually find the owner online for free. However if you are reversing a cell phone number then you could have problems. The problem is that these numbers are not listed in public directories. Then what can you do ??

Cell phone companies keep records of all their clients and all their phones. But they will not allow you to search in their database. You must search for another service. The good thing is that there are such services online. Unfortunately they are paid. This is normal because they have to pay to cell phone companies for the access to their records and they also have to compile a huge database with all phone numbers and they must keep it up to date. You understand that keeping a record of all phone numbers in the USA is a tedious task. The fee is usually small (less than 15$ for a one time search) or you can pay a little more (less than 40$) for a full year unlimited access. With the full access you can run as much phone searches as You want for a whole year.

There are websites which offer "free reverse cell phone lookup" but they either redirect you to the paid service or they are some sort of a scam. Remember never reveal your personal details such as credit card number or name, address, phone etc. to site which claims to offer free service.

With the paid and legitimate services your personal details are secured and your identity is protected. The reverse phone lookup is confidential and they will never reveal that you searched for a phone. With the paid sites you can also "opt out" of their database and your personal information and your phone will not be listed. Some of them also offer background checks and background reports, people finder databases, bankruptcies, liens, public records databases including births, deaths, marriages, divorces and adoptions, sex offender records, police records, and much more. If you receive prank calls from a strange phone and if you discover that this person has previous charges you can go to the police and press charges yourself. Not only that but one of the best services offers you to do this online from your home. With the full report of the person who was harassing you, you click on "file a complaint" and you are immediately directed to authorities.

In conclusion I can say that there are no free reverse cell phone lookup websites. But for a small fee you can find who is calling you or who that old number belongs to and you can do this with ease.


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