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The iPhone has turned out to be one of the best ways to keep children entertained. There are a host of game applications that are educational as well as entertaining. These applications are an example of technology being put to intelligent use.

Take the game collapse for example. This is a wonderfully colored block game. There are levels in being able to collapse the most number of blocks. While the music and sound effects are nothing to go by, the game can keep one hooked for hours. The Tiles Puzzle is for slightly older children who can spend time doing a jigsaw puzzle on the phone. You have a timer set for you to judge speed. You can reset the game and the picture changes. You can even muddle up all the pieces once you are done.

Making a flip book is a wonderful way to keep a creative child occupied. The same task has been made a little easier with the iPhone application. Though it can hold only two books at a time, each of them can be erased and started again from scratch. Relive the 80s with the Simon Classic game. Having it on the phone can bring back a lot of childhood memories and even create some new ones for your child. SpongeBob with a guitar, this is one application all SpongeBob fans are going to like. The aim is to get a band together and pay the Jellyfish Jam. Some of the songs have been classified as mediocre, but it has been popular with children.

The Monkey Flight game is a great one for your children. You will have to launch monkeys into the air using a coconut tree as a catapult. They will have to pick pineapples and orange slices. It is very addictive when it comes to children and equally so when the adult gets a hang of it. Your kids missing the chance to vote for the Kid's Choice Awards 2010, then get the application which will allow them to do so online. Watch all the nominations and breeze through the easy voting process. A lot of people vouch for the fact that it is faster than accessing the same on a computer.

An arcade game now on the iPhone. Whac-a-mole is all about get those nosy creatures before they ruin Easter celebrations. It has all the fun and noise associated with the arcade versions of the game. Older children can have hours of fun with the Voice Changer Plus that allows you to change your voice in many ways. The Zombie Farm is a twisted version of the Farmville.

There are several games that will keep children occupied for hours.

Debbie Z Gordon also writes iPhone App Reviews for AppShouter

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