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The Internet is one massive hub of information. The Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing are literally indexing tools to help you search, find and list the information.

One of the largest niches online is people search. People search is so big that it counts for one third of searches carried out daily across all major search engines. The Internet brings us together like never before, information is stored and tracked in many different ways and formats and you can find anybody across the globe.

You can simply use one of the major search engines to search a persons name. This is very simple to do and you will get a selection of results including those of the social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Bebo and so many more. However, I recommend using a people search engine. These are specially designed and built to collect and display information based on searching for people by name.

Sites such as Facebook and the social industry is huge and new social sites are popping up all the time. People love to share and show off their life experience, they also like to compare and be intrigued into others experience. Social sites are here to stay and will only grow in popularity as we move forward. However, social sites will only give you the information people want you to see, they control what they upload in the way of address, phone, email, images, video and more. They also control who has access to this information and can even restrict it from coming up in searches. So social sites are not perfect for finding somebody online and the information can also be misleading.

People Search engines are ideal. The sole job of this tool is to collect and display information based on the person you are searching for. These search engines run inside of the already existing search engine giants, namely Google, and will retrieve all kinds of details. These people search engines are set up and run by individual companies and organizations separate to the likes of Google and also come at a price. Well, most of them. The information you can find using this can be very detailed as searches access data such as background information, criminal records, social security records, email address, home address, cell phone number, images, video, what they are currently up to and so much more.

Not all of these search engines charge for this service but you will find most give you enough info to be interested and then lock the rest for purchase. Thats ok, the world in which we live works this way. However you can find free results if you use the right people search engine.

So to find somebody online and to get the information for free you need to look around for a free people search engine. Even one which gives you free access for 24 hours is good enough as you will have 24 hours of free search results based on the persons name you enter. In fact, some will even give you unlimited name searches and results for a 24 hour period.

To round things up, You can look for simple basic information on a person by entering their name directly into one of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. This will give you basic results and that of social sites. This information can be misleading or wrong though, based on the fact that the individual is in control of it. To get a more detailed and true set of results you should use a person search engine. For example, type into Google something like Person Search USA, and then use a person search engine which gives you free results. These results ore way more accurate purely because the source of the results is not controlled by the person you search for.

FREE Person Search is a people search engine with 24 hours free results. person search has never been so simple.

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