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The status of tax filing is a significant factor, when one has to compute the taxable income. One has to begin with determining taxable income under Federal Income Tax. It is important to substantiate the possible tax deductions or the exemptions. This can help lowering the final tax bill and even the need to file return or not.

The US tax payers can get relaxed, as the US government has declared a simple and easy method of income tax preparation through E- files in the financial year 2003. The internet tax filing system is easy to understand and simple to use. The number of people filing taxes through the internet is increasing, due to the easy availability of the internet services and lower expenditures. IRS free E - file services are offered on the internet. Millions of tax payers have joined theses services to file their taxes on online.

Using online tax preparation service is quite beneficial to the lower income tax payers. They can pay online tax for free. This is due to the partnership between the Internal Revenue Services and online tax paying software companies. The partnership is known as the Free File Alliance. Who can avail the benefits of free tax filing program? The answer is, all those income tax payers who can be entitled for any of the conditions stated below:

• By any case the tax payer has earned EIC Earned Income Credit, or is qualified for EIC in the year 2008-09. They can avail the benefits of free IRS E- file.

• The tax payers having an Adjusted Gross Income AGI $28,000 or less than this, in the year 2008-09. These people fall under the category of free online tax filing.

• Those serving any Military or National Guard Member, who's AGI, is less than $52,000 in the year 2008-09. These people are eligible for free services.

Besides this 21 states under state income tax refund have produced Federal free tax filing program. Hence, one can get the opportunity to file state income tax refund, free of cost using the tax software.

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