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We all love to be entertained and watching movies is one of the best ways to do this. We can be whisked into a totally futuristic land, indulge in a guessing game of who done it, marvel in a land of fantasy, or laugh out load at the antics of funny people.

Some of us are totally addicted to the world of movies and some see it as a fascinating pastime. There are several ways we can watch movies, we can go to the cinema, we can go down to our local movie rental provider, or we can dip into our own collection of favourite movies.

However there is another way us movie enthusiasts can watch movies which is sometimes overlooked. We can watch free movies online. Now I'm not talking about all those illegal pirate websites out there showing low quality dodgy movies filmed from the back of the cinema, I'm talking totally legal websites showing streaming movies that have a crystal clear picture quality. I'm talking about websites that show movies that are under license and cleared for viewing online.

These movie websites are out there on the internet and need no subscriptions or credit card details. Just the ability to watch free movies at the click of a mouse any time, day or night. The only caveat here is that you have to have a computer with a good speed on your internet connection.

But what more do you want, a whole library of movies at your finger tips are not only free but also instantly available at any given moment. In today's world a lot of us have frantic lifestyles, so some of us movies buffs don't have the spare time to visit a cinema or the patience to deal with the guys behind you who keeps kicking your chair.

Free movie websites allow you to kick back in your favorite chair at home and open a bag of popcorn (that's didn't cost you a small fortune to buy) and watch a range of some of the best movies available. These free movie websites have a huge collection of free streaming movies which are organised into specific genres so you can quickly find a movie that suits your taste and preference.

So next time you get that urge to immerse yourself in a movie then check online first to see what is available for you, you will be surprised the quality of the films you will be able to watch for free. One of my favourite free movie websites is Indie Movies Online - you have to watch Evil Aliens it's awesome.

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