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Alongside free movies and being able to watch movies online for free and legally, there are now plenty of sites where you can play little games for free.
Most of these little games available on those games sites that you do not need to download on your computer are for the most part flash games.

Those free games are not all as elaborated as the latest great games you can buy to play on your game consoles or on your computer but they are very entertaining and fun. You can play a football game where your team is made of little dots supposed to be the England team for example. You can also play strategy games, reflexion games and more little games like that.
Those sites have become so popular that they can be annoying for companies and especially their directors as you may find very often in offices that bored employees will rather play those little games and have fun than work.
The same is true with free films and the fact that you can watch movies online practically anywhere as long as you have got an internet connection. This simply means that you can watch movies online from the computer in your office is nobody can see the screen of your computer.

We are not going to go into a tricky subject here with what people do during office time as this is not the subject.
Free games like free movies are great. It is a good way to relax a bit during your lunch break or in the evening and play five minutes or more.
With those games becoming so popular, sites owners and programmers work very hard to get and develop creative games to their sites. That is why we start seeing more developed games that, even if they are not great in design, are just amazing in term of how you play and how much addicting they can be.

We are in a time where freebies have become extremely popular and where people will search much more for free movies or free games. Sites where you can watch movies online for free and legally have grown a lot like sites offering free music to download legally.
Mainly thanks to the streaming technology, it is very easy and fast to watch streaming movies. Using the streaming technology also means the movies you will watch will be of good quality and you will not have to wait for the movie to download to watch it.

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