Free Make Excellent Fathers Day Card for Fathers

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Summary: Photo Card Maker is a freeware to help people make photo cards for the upcoming Fathers Day. With the software, every one can make quality Fathers Day card for their dear father.

Fathers Day is almost upon us. So happy, because it is a chance for people to tell their fathers how much they love them, which people are anxious to do. What kind of gifts can well convey deep love? No more expensive staffs, for at the superficial level, he seems to be happy, but actually he prefers simpler, more meaningful and cost-effective things. So, a quality homemade Fathers Day Card comes in handy.

Here shows a free photo card maker to make Fathers Day Cards. Don't belittle this freeware, because it is really powerful, practical, useful and easy to use. Both the card editing functions it is equipped with, and the hundreds of photo frames inbuilt the software, make the freeware stand out. Its name is Photo Card Maker, a high-end photo card maker to help people make photo cards for every occasion. Want to know more about Photo Card Maker, please visit:[]

Hundreds of photo frames: The software builds in numerous photo frames for its users to free download and use. The photo frames are always updated when a holiday is upcoming. So there are always new photo frames to be released. Right before the Fathers Day, Photo Card Maker has newly released a series of photo frames for people to make Fathers Day cards. There are various styles for people to choose. The following are the ten new photo frames for Fathers Day.

The words on the photo frames can be re-edited. Apart from the new frames, people can also apply other photo frames when making Fathers Day Cards.

Write texts on Fathers Day Card: Just feel free to write everything on homemade Fathers Day Card. There are numerous text fonts, text colors and text sizes. To make Fathers Day card better, just choose the most suitable text font, color, and size.

Import photos or decorative pictures: People can import photos which are meaningful to them as well as fathers, and also to make the card look more colorful, people can load some picture clip arts to make decorations.

Others: There are more functions to be discovered, like rotating photos, managing photo frames and more.

Just try this free Photo Card Maker, and to make quality Fathers Day cards for fathers is just a matter of time. Come on!

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KigoSoft Inc. is a software development company with expertise and experience in digital photo applications. It also provides multimedia software solutions for personal computers, mobile devices and consumer electronic manufacturers.

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Photo Card Maker enables users of all levels to easily and effectively edit, enhance their digital photos and enjoy their creative work on computers, mobile devices such as mobile phones, iPods, PSPs and so on.

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