Free Laptop with Mobile Phones : A Wise Idea To Lure Consumers

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Giving out free gifts along with the new mobile phones bought is a time honoured and time tested marketing strategy in the mobile phone market place in UK. This marketing technique never seems to fail and it would not be far fetched at all here to state that it is one of the finest marketing strategies that the network service providers and the dealers together have evolved over time in the market place here. Offering freebies such as a free laptop or a free 42 inch LCD TV set is now the norm than the exception and is in fact generously and liberally used by the network service providers and the dealers

Previously only the contract mobile phone deals used to give away free gifts with mobile phones. Now, the other mobile phone deals like the SIM free deals and the pay as you go mobile phone offers also offer one or the other free gifts to customers buying new mobile phone handsets. Be it a free laptop, or a free 42 inch LCD YV set, they are all there dangling before the potential customer as the ultimate bait.

Besides free laptops and free 42 inch LCD TV, the other free gifts that are normally given out along with the new mobile phone handsets that the customers buy include Sony Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, digital camera devices, DVD players, Apple iPod Shuffle, mobile phone accessories, mobile broadband deals, etc.

And no one seems bothered with this seemingly over the top marketing approach adopted by the network service providers and the dealers alike. At least the customers are not complaining. And why would they? No one in their right minds will object and look a gift horse in the mouth. Further, it is not as if the network service providers and the dealers are desperate for business and are compelled to go and resort to extreme measures. They are in fact past masters of the business of selling mobile phones and have done their home work and know where exactly they stand.

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