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VoipDiscount is a free program that uses the latest technology to provide high-quality calls over the Internet worldwide. If you are using free software VoipDiscount, you have the ability to call landline phones in various popular destinations for free or find incredibly low rate for calls to any phone on the planet. Also you have the opportunity to call your online friends for free. Simply click here to download VoipDiscount. Download takes a few moments depending on the speed of your Internet connection.

How to make Free International Calls over the Internet?

Simply download and install this free application. You are at no cost if you call to landline phone in one of our free destinations, or any of your online friends. Calls to all other directions will be charged the appropriate tariff for your online friends or chosen destination. Rates are in euro cents per minute. Calls are rounded up to one minute. Other additional fees and taxes not.

To check the quality of communication, you are given a free test call to any landline phone. In order to continue using the service, you need to purchase credit. This enables you to make free calls over the Internet 300 minutes per week free of charge in any direction within 120 days. Unused minutes will be void. Excess of free minutes is charged at the established rates for a given direction. Upon the expiration of 120 days set normal rate until the date of purchase of a new loan.

The initial start up VoipDiscount, you will be asked to choose a username and password. This is necessary in order to use VoipDiscount. You can choose any name of at least 6 characters. For a call to any online user VoipDiscount, simply enter your user name in the text box and click the call button. To call to any landline phone to enter the desired number in the text box and click the call button. If you want make a Free International Calls to one of the free destinations, the call will be absolutely free. When calling on all the other areas you are asked to pre-purchase loans.

Note that when you type a phone number (even if it is a local call), you should always do a set in this format:

00 + country code + city code + local number

Free Calls for only landlines:-

* Sweden
* Switzerland
* Argentina
* Australia
* Austria
* South Korea
* Spain
* Belgium
* Canada
* Slovenia

For having the list of destination visit the site and enjoy the Free Internet phone with VoipDiscount.

For more detail of free international calls visit here and for free voip calls Visit Here......

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