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The hustle bustle of the city life can be really demanding. One can get burned out in exhaustion if she doesnít know how to pause and take a break. But planning a vacation can be very costly. You wonít only need a good amount of money, you would also need to spend enough time plan your entire vacation. So how does a busy person take a break from his daily routines without having to spend as much time and money? Here are some tips to consider:

1. Play games. There are a wide range of games that you can find online. Most online games may be downloaded for free while others may be made available for a minimum amount. Even Facebook has a lot of free games that may be accessed by anyone. Games for users from different ages and sexes may be accessed on the site. Beachtown is the newest game on Facebook that gives beach bums the chance to create a virtual beach world. Beachtown is fun and very interactive. You donít only get to make your own beach world, you also get to interact with other friends on Facebook.

2. Connect with friends online. If you are bored, take this as your chance to catch up with friends. Chat with people who are online. Update them with what youíre doing through your status messages. You may also opt to post videos and photos.

3. Read a good book. If you want to wander to faraway land without buying airfare tickets, the technique is to find a good read. You can buy a lot of cheap books in books sales. If you donít want to spend a single cent, you can even just borrow.

4. Entertain yourself through a movie marathon. Whoever said that you need to go to the movie house in order to have a one-of-a-kind movie experience? If you donít want to spend money on tickets and popcorn, borrow movies and enjoy being a couch potato for the entire day. You may ask a few good friends to join you.

5. Do something artsy. If you have a flair for the arts and you enjoy doing creative stuff, make your time productive and engage yourself in photography, painting, sculpture, and the like.

One-of-a-kind entertainment does not always mean that you need to spend a big amount of money. Keep these tips in mind and enjoy entertainment at its finest Ė without having to spend anything.

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