Free Cell Phone Directories - Are They Out There?

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Ever tried to search for the owner of a cell phone number? If so, you may know first-hand that finding websites which bill themselves as "free cell phone directories" are all over the Internet. And these directories sure sound like a good thing - as long as they are able to back their claims of free results with actual accurate, current, extensive and reliable personal information.

So, what's the deal with free cell phone directories? How you ever been on one of these directories? I'm all for the idea of a free resource to trace cell phone numbers. All I need to know is where I sign up.

So, if you want to know a little more these directories, just take the next few minutes to finish reading what's written down and you'll know all there is to know.

Free Cell Phone Directories - Sign Me Up!

The first time I wanted to find a name and address behind a wireless number, I got on Google and searched for a free way to get this information. I was more than happy to see tons of sites that promised to do just that.

So, I got on a site and searched the mobile number I wanted information about. But, the site redirected me to another site that wanted money for a report. Screw that, I thought. So, I got on another site and the same thing happened. After the third site, I started to wonder in these searches are free after all.

So, I did some investigating and found out cell phone numbers are considered private information. So, you will not find them in any free directory like White Pages or AnyWho. And you also won't find your information at sites that advertise this information for free.

At that point, I had to decide if it was worth it to me to spend money for results. I found a good directory that allows me to get my money back if I wasn't happy with the information in the report I received. The report cost me about the same as the price of a larger pepperoni pizza. I could deal with that.

After I used this directory one time, I upgraded to a yearly membership that allows me to perform unlimited searches. That doesn't mean to say that I wish there were free cell phone directories that existed, but those kinds of directories don't exist.

For a fast, easy, and accurate way to a Locate a Cell Phone User, all you have to do is visit this .

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