FREE 65 Page Adobe Photoshop Elements Book

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Learn Elements Now are now offering a FREE 65-Page Adobe Photoshop Elements Book as a bonus for those clients who sign up for the 60 day risk free package for the very latest Adobe Photoshop Elements video tutorials.

This Adobe Photoshop Elements Book is extremely important because studies show that if you engage all your senses while learning, you can master any skill 5 to 10 times more quickly, So if you watch the videos and then read through this fun and engaging guide, you will master Adobe Photoshop Elements even quicker.

The Adobe Photoshop Elements Book covers over 50 new working examples that you can learn from among the following categories;-

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Elements

Chapter 2 - Managing and Organizing Your Images

Chapter 3 - Working with Layers and Selections

Chapter 4 - Working with Colors, Lighting and Tone

Chapter 5 - Retouching and Correcting Your Images

Chapter 6 - Effects, Text, Artistic and Design

Chapter 7 - Other Great Tools Within Elements

Here's a taster of what you'll discover inside "The Absolute Beginners Guide Adobe Photoshop Elements Book";-

How to navigate and use the Adobe Elements Interface.

How to use the quick fix guide mode and full edit mode.

How to work with palettes.

How to work with adobe elements tool box and fully understand which every tool does.

How to managing and organizing your images with "editor and "organizer".

How to import images and view them correctly.

How to create albums and smart albums, this is great for sHowing your photos off!

How to work with layers and selections.

How each tool works like the "crop tool", "move tool", "selection tool", "lasso tools" the list is endless.

How to work with colors, lighting and tone this is section not to be missed!

How to retouch and correct your images so they become prize winners.

How to How to fix red eye with just one click of the mouse!

How to add effects, text, artistic and design to your photos.

How to create slide sHows, emailing photos, creating flip books, create a web gallery and creations.

How to master using brushes in Elements.

How to create theme designs so you can show off your photos to your family and friends.

How to merge groups shots, which is one very cool and nifty task within Elements.

How to sharpen up your dull and depressing photos with just two clicks of the mouse!

Adobe Photoshop Elements Book - You Can Master Elements In 2 Hours! See For Yourself - Take a Free Lesson...

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