reports Win 7 days a cargo listed hard to find: It may be Microsoft's marketing of hunger

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In the massive publicity campaign, Microsoft Windows 7 on the 24th of this month in China's listed. However, the reporter learned yesterday, due to tight supply, only listed two days later, this product appeared in a hard case goods, which is likely to be Microsoft adopted a "hungry market."

As a starting Microsoft Windows 7 3C channel partners, Suning Appliance stores last Saturday started at Lenovo Bridge win7 sales. "We supply 70% of the bridge were placed in Lenovo. The same day, we sold more than 100 units." The former official said, had been sold for stocking or less, due to the limited supply provided by Microsoft is currently in the majority of consumers Suning Door Shop difficult to get spot, needed booking.

Reasonable price for Windows 7 has attracted a lot of consumers. It is understood that, Windows 7 system is divided into Home Basic, Home Premium Edition, Professional Edition, and Ultimate versions of four. Which Windows7 Home Basic pre-sale price of just 399, which is sold in China, Microsoft has always been the lowest-priced Windows operating system, Vista Home Basic version than the original 499 yuan to market has tumbled by 100 yuan, Windows 7 Home Premium Edition 699 yuan in pre-sale price was lower than the same version of Vista, a 200.

However, there are sales staff said that Microsoft adopted a "hungry market" is the tight supply of the most important reason. The so-called "hunger marketing" refers to the commodity provider intends to reduce production in order to achieve the regulation of supply and demand relationship, to make tight, "false", the maintenance of high commodity prices and profitability goals.

And such marketing has recently been repeated in the consumer electronics use, and some successful precedents. Prior to this, Nokia N97 on the use of television, websites, outdoor billboards advertising the bombing of a lot of turns, but to strictly control the number of shipments, giving the impression of products in short supply sales strategy, so that this product was once the world's top mobile phone sales champions.

In this regard, Suning Appliance official said they had reached an agreement with Microsoft, in 100 stores nationwide sold genuine Windows 7, but large-scale Distribution, you may have to wait until the end of November.

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