Reports International Perspective: Overview of the field of cardboard and wrapping paper

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  Packaging and paper is closely related to traditional techniques - the same in the Far East because of its geographic origin. According to historical records, AD 105, China's Cai Lun, the first one will be used as an information medium of paper; while the origin of wrapping paper to be much later, dating back to 10th century Japan. At that time, paper is a luxury commodity, so it was rarely used for packaging. However, today all the paper and cardboard packaging materials with the rapid development until 200 years ago, they started - with the paper's industrialization. Since the mass production of paper possible, and the subsequent 40 to 50 years, wood pulp and chemical pulp mill mass production possible, the paper steadily from an information medium to a common widely used in packaging material development. This constant forward speed of innovation and development is a reflection of: paper and packaging materials industry has developed an annual number of new products to adapt to changes in the growing complexity of use.

   Traditionally, the use of paper as a packaging material to use not only for the necessary (or functional), but also because of aesthetic and psychological. With today's customer-facing areas of modern communication personalization trend emerging, especially as a growing industry in recent years, the possibility of the situation in particular. Traditionally from paper and packaging materials, played a major role, and now also accompanied by stringent design requirements and a host of other functions. Paper and cardboard packaging materials are indispensable for today - especially as the sales mix among advertising and marketing media; and in today's highly competitive marketplace, economic and social ecology of the important challenges remain. Traditional and modern, mature, and innovation: these often conflicting requirements must be as a medium of paper and packaging boards to meet.

   In Japan, the art-packed traditional arts have been "Tsutsumi" (or "Noshi") support the theory, which is used by the Western mass production of pure function of packaging exactly the opposite. However, in the East and West two of the world, the markets at all levels are changing. For example, in China, in terms of its arts and crafts, traditional handsheet manufacturers there are still about 3000; and in a very angry Eastern European markets, one thing is very clear: In this former emerging markets are now highly the modernization of production capacity of paper and packaging materials industry is rapidly towards the world level. This is mainly due to industry competition and rapidly changing view. However, in paper-making equipment, paper and packaging materials market, the right incentives for technological development and innovation from the "old" world. This is not only interesting but also inspiring - this is because: in the coming years, all of these and paper-related factors have to be in the value creation chain, which plays the role of its partners. This is in the world market in this era of globalized production, we cope with emerging challenges and changes the only way - we will increasingly face these challenges and changes. With the local requirements, and the entire value creation chain, which can be the challenge of mastering a new word to sum - "globalization."

   Objectives, functions and solutions to date, what is the use of packaging materials do, whether it is paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard or paperboard folding cartons? The coming years, in the entire value creation chain, which will also deal with what challenges? As a result of kinds of creative innovation-related industries, paper and cardboard packaging materials feature types in the past two decades, steadily increasing. In the past few decades, they have been comfortable to deal with paper and cardboard packaging materials by the use of experienced change. Today, the product range and manufacturing, assembly and use of the possibility of many more than ever - at all levels of production, research and optimization efforts to be more strengthened.

    For the wrapping paper and board requirements of the current trends are: the overall reliability, optimize their basic functions, as well as the entire value creation chain (Figure 2), which fully meet both as a marketing medium has a great number of other functions requirements. To meet these requirements is a challenge for the entire industry - with cost-effective way to meet these requirements is that all relevant aspects of a task. Each company and the relevant personnel at all levels must work together to make the best solution. Not any aspect of the new requirements will be classified to the machinery so far, all the requests, but should carry out its precise assessment: all the existing technical specifications whether this new requirement into account. This regard, a subject familiar with the sales-related, for better and better whiteness, smoothness and gloss of the requirements - but also take into account the worse puree, of course, but also lower costs. So, for corrugated cardboard and high-intensity resistance-breaking in terms of producers and processors, which power requirements are really important? Perhaps aware of the following would be beneficial (for paper-making companies is also true): Canadian Trade and Industry whether it is more like to (say) CMT value and the value of a good balance of SCT; whether RCT should pay more attention to the strength - or at least a case-specific?

    Today, the knowledge and understanding of what is feasible - not only the direct request of consumers, but also processing the request - more than ever, more important, and has achieved market success is seen as factors. A wide range of proprietary technologies, and take seriously the wishes of others, the problems encountered is absolutely necessary, like cost or quality, absolutely essential for the future success of the same. Now it may be to reach a consensus on the following time: In all of the capabilities were, what is really important - from the public relations strategist and brand owners to the wrapping paper and paper board manufacturer manufacturers, printers even to the paper machine manufacturers? a variety of changes and new requirements to the equipment suppliers, paper manufacturers and processors to the "obsolete" Farewell, and all the things that singled out the most suitable opportunities.

   The unity of strength and success - regardless of how the concept of organizational forms and markets. Whether it is integrated companies (which can fully supply) or a small company - in this field has enough space for everyone to find through innovation and specializing in their own market. Today, paper, cardboard, paperboard and combination products have been recognized as the ideal cost-effective packaging materials, they are in the European market and the global market occupied the dominant position - in the European market accounted for 38% of the global market accounted for 37% of the . Packaging materials manufacturers have been working with the most suitable materials to create their own products. Use of corrugated board, folding box board or synthetic materials are determined based on usage. But this is a question of how best to meet the product protection, effective filling, easy handling and marketing, public relations and information, etc. issues. Too many conditions must be met, such as packaging materials and product compatibility, health and packaging requirements, market demand and costs.

   Paper technology of recycling waste paper machine with the advances in technology and design advances board machine is now able to produce a decreasing quantity of paper types - with the same or better strength properties and higher recovery of waste paper content. In fact, over the past few years in Europe and manufactured for the production of corrugated board and high-intensity resistance-breaking all the wrapping paper cardboard paper machine are produced in accordance with 70-110 g / square meter range of light weight design, in which some of the and even multi-functional, but also can produce a white paper kinds of noodles. Paper advances in technology is more advanced corrugated board to respond to the demands of the growing - now on the market has E, F and G, or double-corrugated combinations. In today's rapidly growing discount market, with micro-corrugated corrugated board is now used as packaging materials required intuitive shelves. This clearly shows that: value creation chain, the requirements of the other side is how it affects the machine manufacturers and system suppliers - now they must take into account the client's needs, and paper manufacturers have to take into account the needs of their customers. As we have seen, these needs are addressed through innovative slurry preparation, the new concept of forming and dehydration, higher yields, energy, etc. to meet, and in order to improve quality or reduce costs or both to improve the quality of another reduce costs.

   Through the appropriate device to use the appropriate technology, paper and cardboard can be combined with other materials - such as plastics, foil, aluminum, sizing, printing inks and functional coating - applied in almost any purpose. Paper manufacturers and processors, there are many possibilities for paper-based packaging materials to a variety of features - these features are required by customers to use the technical characteristics, physical characteristics or optical properties. As the coated paperboard packaging materials, high-level folding cartons for the premium brand cosmetics and use the highest clarity and quality of offset printing, like the latest generation of high-quality flexographic printing after printing system is now available for corrugated board market and the existing pre-printed offset system.

   In the past compared to the simple transport packaging materials, today's point of sale for sale, high-quality corrugated board packaging materials used aniline printing, can have up to six glossy colors and the maximum width of up to 2.8 meters. This is most clearly shows the rapid spread of cheap store concepts in retail and logistics, the impact of - these stores have their requests immediately passed to the packaging material manufacturer in China. Shortly after, we may even see a print that contains RFID chip (or integrated chip known as RFID) and cardboard packaging materials. For more information reproduced, please indicate the source: HC Network - "twogether paper-making technology magazine."

   Market trends on the wrapping paper, cardboard and paperboard demand has been growing - whether in Germany, Europe or the world - and in the foreseeable future, this upward trend will continue. However, the global growth in all regions, as well as the reasons for the growth will appear very different. In Asia and Eastern Europe, the strong upward trend will continue. This is mainly due to the city's supermarkets in the per capita consumption of packaged products is rapidly rising as a result of consumer demand for products, brands and registered trademarks orientation on the rise. This means in particular folding cardboard boxes strong growth in consumption, even though its quality is less than in Europe and North America. On the one hand, this growth will be regional in nature - in line with population growth (Asia, Latin America); the other hand, the production and consumption in Europe so far up to 3% per year growth is still likely to be maintained . In Europe, high-quality light weight cardboard and corrugated board share will increase - due to the recent paper and paperboard manufacturers invest heavily in new equipment's sake. Wrapping paper, taking into account the market value creation chain mechanism, the other to determine the influence of many. These effects include the "trillion trends", such as the rapid increase in global e-commerce and the consequent rapid increase in mail-order business - which also has been the level of household consumer Internet platform (like eBay) boost. In the foreseeable future, the Asia-Pacific region's rapid catch up with Western consumer habits, as well as products from the bulk to packaging changes, will drive the producers and processors at full capacity for production.

   Functional packaging materials, displays, with "noble" charm, high-quality sales of packaging materials for the discount market, according to the practical packaging materials, tear-off, joint packaging, low-quantity packaging materials, high-quality high and the most advanced corrugated board packaging materials, the new composite packaging materials, with logistical advantages and location advantages of service concept - in the traditional Western markets, the importance of all of these will be increased accordingly to identify trends. According to the development of local market conditions, the world's paper-based packaging materials and flexible plastic packaging materials, competition will exist to varying degrees. But the pendulum will still be in favor of paper and cardboard packaging materials the direction of swing, where the possibility of new combinations will appear. Thus, the growing market situation is good.

    However, this would be of value creation chain, among the processors, manufacturers of corrugated cardboard, paper and paperboard manufacturers, folding paperboard box manufacturers and printers produce what kind of impact? They are closest to their own customers - Commodity Manufacturers , branded goods manufacturers, discount stores as well as their public relations strategists - who for a variety of demanding to know the most clearly. Their reaction the fastest, and has to find a suitable solution for maximum flexibility. Here the focus is on packaging materials developer - a creative these developers must be required to achieve the things the market. Discount stores ever-increasing market share, also at the same time improve their quality, which means that the function point of sale packaging materials must continue to increase, to be able to be ready for marketing and sales of color printing purposes.

    Today, the transport packaging materials and re-packaging materials must be much more than a decade ago for the purpose. Of their higher quality, more features, usually a number of colors printed in the design more attractive, more complex, and most are lighter, more solid - because they are used on shelves or for sale point of the display. In almost all cases, this is only because of better quality raw material would be possible - this is the pulp quality has generally declined in the case obtained. Related to production, finishing, processing and printing equipment, followed by the development of market demand to be met. This is the development of corrugated board was particularly notable. Over the years, the working width of the corrugated board machine has been increasing - from the original 2.5 m to the normal of 2.8 meters and 3.3 meters. Today an average of 300 m / min production speed soon increased to 400 m / min, but also greater flexibility to make better use of equipment, width, and can be changed and batch size of Folio line adjustment.

    Production capacity in recent years, while in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, a large number of processors actively investing in new corrugated board Folio or processing equipment in order to meet the growing needs of the mass market, they would get through a good recognition. However, these new investment in equipment also met today with a white surface for the new low-quantitative needs and trends of corrugated board, but also part of the corrugated board to meet in order to replace the jam needs. Better performance, raw materials, proper handling and reducing energy consumption resulting from the economic advantages also brought a quantitative, energy consumption and cost reduction benefits. There is Spain, Germany and France and other EU countries to increase the productive capacity of the latest - a total of nearly 2 million tons / year - have largely gained growing and changing market well recognized. Interestingly, most of these facilities are of an independent owner operated company, so these companies can seize the opportunity to use their competitive advantage and product differentiation potential. Of course, through the active export of products to mature markets, sales have increased - a clear indication of medium-sized companies can also make a success in the global market.

    On the other hand, for many years to overcome the difficulties of large companies continue to buy part of the integration and optimization. They have been focused on a variety of starting their own ability to repair existing equipment in order to get the best economic benefits, and to improve speed and productivity in order to enhance the effectiveness of economies of scale. The main focus of their efforts has been to satisfy the mass market for corrugated board and folding box board's basic needs, and their customers are often multinational food manufacturers. This trend is in the process of globalization is likely to continue, globalization, particularly of large companies will have an impact. So far the changes evident at all levels and the value creation chain, all participants in the resulting changes in the future will continue. Tomorrow's packaging materials sector will is not the same, this is because the cardboard and wrapping paper manufacturers will meet these challenges and adapt to these changes.

    However, only through unity, through the know and understand the needs of others in order to be successful. On this basis, the cooperation will work together to benefit, to success. At this point, on the one hand innovative solutions for specialized and specific space, on the other hand there are to meet and cover the basic needs of space. The future belongs to us - if we are in the correct manner to the future of words.

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