France 24 to be Launched on DISH Network

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You have all reasons to choose DISH Network because it not only caters to the taste of Americans but to immigrants too who have made United States their homes since years. This year on July 14th - Bastille Day, DISH Network launches a French news channel, France 24 in the US. Through France 24, DISH Network will be able to connect with its 15 million subscribers across the country. A deal with one of the leading American pay TV channels says that it will aim to offer a slice of life to French speaking audiences and Francophiles with one of the genuine alternatives to other international news channels. France 24 is 24/7 news channels mainly bringing in news from the French soil. This will be a win-win situation for subscribers of French Bouquet and will be available on channel 660.

France 24 was launched in 2006 and is currently available in English, French and Arabic. This 24 hours news channel reaches through 160 countries catering to 125 million subscribers. No financial details of the deal or the revenue split were discussed after the launch of this news channel. France 24 offers a unique amalgamation of international news coverage with the combination of French appeal and views on international scenario.

The launch of France 24 in English has paved way for TV markets in the United States. The TV market industry has strengthened its way across the country, which allows the viewers to select ample number of channels of their choice. The CEO of France 24, Christine Ockrent quoted that there is growing interest among Americans for news content coming from various sources and origins. She added that almost half quarter of her viewers reside in the United States. France 24 was also the first news channel to be launched on iPad and they have got a fabulous response from American bloggers. She expressed her immense pleasure to launch French 24 on such symbolic date such as July 14th- the Bastille Day on the DISH circuit. Through the signal of Galaxy 23 satellite, this channel is available to FTA to individual DTH customers.

If you give a close look at the DISH Network packages you will find a number of channels in its international programming. The subscribers can get a whole new world of international channels at their door step. With an additional subscription you can enjoy an assortment of DISH HD international channels with a superior quality sound and video signals. DISH network offers around 150 international channels in more than 28 foreign languages. Speaking particularly about the French bouquet, DISH TV offers a variety of French programs starting from 24 hours news channels, musical programs, top French soaps, documentaries, kids' shows, game shows, cultural programs, travel documentaries, music videos classic movies and many more for just $19.99.

DISH Network brings a range of international programming for its subscribers. It provides you an array of foreign channels that lets you come close to your soil even if you are miles apart from your motherland. Check out the irresistible satellite TV offers from DISH Network.

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