FOX’s Cognitive Dissonance of Barack Obama

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Cognitive dissonance is a conflict or anxiety resulting from inconsistencies between one’s beliefs and one’s actions or other beliefs. No mistake made, what Barack has done, and will do is great for America. Including the stimulus and health care reform. If you disagree, your usually a Conservative, that is letting your beliefs get in the way of making a logical decision. Voters. You’re on the wrong trip if you think the Republicans represent you. The corporations and the globalist neocons are going to continue to diminish our standard of living because we are not taxing them and redistributing it back to the poor and middle class who spend it, forcing the economy to go up. If you think the rich deserve the tax money, go ahead and give the tax money to the rich and wait for it to trickle down to you, which will never happen. Speaker of the House, John Boner, only cares about his pocket book and tan. When you look at the guy, you can tell who voted for him. Idiots and horny old lady’s. And that means. The idiots are back in control of making our laws. And while FOX and the Republicans are running around claiming victory. The senate majority still rests in the hands of the Democrats. That alone says that Barack Obama will get his second term. Senators have more influence on elections then Representatives. While the House of Representatives has more influence and power, then Senators, when it comes to passing and enabling laws. When it comes to f— ing s— up, Barack Obama is no where close in the game of failures when it comes to comparing all of the Presidents of the United States. Look at how much shit both Sr and Jr Bush’s did. The Wars. All the injured veterans. And the Republicans still want to give all the money to the rich, even though they already have it all.. Now what about Bill Clinton’s NAFTA? How many people lost their jobs to Mexico or South America.. Isn’t their two Senators and only one Representative for each state? I know that we have local Representatives in each city, but I think they are for each states House of Representatives. I don’t think we have a House of Senate in each state. Which is another difference between the two types of Representatives. I could be wrong, I’m not an expert when it comes to ranks in your local Mafia, oops, I mean government.

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