Four Tips for a Florida Quick Divorce

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No one wants to drag out a divorce any longer than they have to, but unfortunately many divorces donít go smoothly and people end up battling over issues for weeks or even months. To avoid this and increase your chances of a Florida quick divorce, consider these four tips.

1. Opt for an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce means you and your spouse both agree to the divorce and you settle the issues involved in the divorce outside of court instead of litigating them. For an uncontested divorce to go as smoothly and quickly as possible, you will need to settle all issues, including child custody, property division, alimony issues and the division of all marital assets.

When you are able to negotiate the issues yourself, you can simply draft a divorce settlement and the court can just dissolve your marriage instead of being asked to hear argument and make decisions. This is much faster and much less expensive than going through divorce litigation where you each have to make arguments, present witnesses and build a case.

2. Get Your Records Ready

When you divide up property, decide on child support or make decisions about alimony and assets, it's very helpful to have a clear indication of what each spouse makes and what your assets actually are.

If you have tax returns, deeds to property, information on bank accounts, and other financial information at-the-ready, you will know exactly what needs to be decided, and you can simply work through the issues point-by-point with the supporting documents there for you. There will be fewer delays, nothing will be forgotten, and you can cut down on arguments as the documents provide proof of the worth of the assets or of the income earned.

3. Check your Emotions at the Door

It is very easy to be vindictive when it comes time to negotiate a divorce agreement. After all, you don't like your spouse any more in most cases; otherwise, you would just stay married. Still, you donít want to use the divorce process to punish your spouse, and you certainly don't want to try to put your kids in the middle or try to leave your spouse penniless and without his or her fair share of the marital assets.

If you let your emotions rule instead of your brain and common sense, you'll never come to an agreement and you will be unable to have an uncontested divorce. Instead, you'll spend weeks, months, or even years fighting, only to get to court and find that a judge isn't going to let you use the divorce to make your spouse suffer. Skip the agony and the fighting and be reasonable when you end your marriage.

4. Get legal help

Having a lawyer is one of the single best ways to make sure you get a Florida quick divorce. With an attorney, you will know exactly what your legal rights are and your attorney can help you to negotiate issues unemotionally. Your lawyer will also know and understand what the law is for a divorce and what forms need to be filled out and will take care of the procedural details so the divorce can move ahead quickly.

A Florida quick divorce should be both more painless and less expensive than a long, drawn out affair. By following these simple tips, you can move on with your life faster and hopefully leave your marriage with your wallet and your dignity intact.

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