Four Reasons to Check Out the Dahle 30406 Multimedia Shredder

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When buying new office equipment, getting the most for your money is always a wonderful thing. This is especially true when buying a paper shredder because private information isn't just found on paper anymore. All sorts of electronic media, such as CD's and DVD's, can contain confidential information these days, so you need a way of destroying these items when you're done with them. One solution to this is to buy a paper shredder that can destroy electronic media in addition to paper. A machine that can do this is the Dahle 30406 multimedia shredder. Here are four reasons why you should consider this shredder if you need a machine such as this one.

  1. Great shredding capacity and capability. Having a shredder with a big shredding capacity can save you a lot of time and the 30406 definitely fits the bill. It can shred up to 35 sheets in one go, so you can feasibly shred about 2,000 pieces of paper in one day. Plus, you can shred floppy disks, DVD's, and CD's with this shredder, making it an all-in-one shredder that is great for a variety of different shredding needs. (The machine's throat is 12 inches wide, so you can easily shred most common sizes of paper.)

  2. It is automatic. Paper shredders should be convenient and easy to use, and automatic features can help with that. The 30406 has three different automatic features. The first is that the machine turns itself on when it detects paper or other media in the opening. It then shuts itself down after the item has been shredded. The 30406 also has an automatic reverse which can help prevent paper jams from occurring and help save you some time. And finally, the machine will sound an alarm when the 35-gallon waste bin is full, so you know you have to empty it. This means you don't have to check the waste bin all the time to see if it is full.

  3. It is secure. The 30406 is a strip-cut shredder that produces shreds that measure 1/4". It has a Level Two security rating, so it is great for destroying credit card information, papers that contain Social Security Numbers, and more. By using the 30406, you can be confident that no one will get a hold of your private information.

  4. It is quiet. The 30406 has a very powerful 1.25-HP motor which enables to destroy a variety of different media. But just because it is powerful, that doesn't mean it's noisy. This shredder has a wooden cabinet that houses the waste bin and the wood helps absorbs the noise the machine makes as it shreds. That way, your office will stay quiet and people can remain productive instead of being distracted by an annoying, noisy shredder.

After reading the four reasons why you should consider the Dahle 30406, it should be pretty clear that this machine could be a great addition to your office. So why not take a closer look at the Dahle 30406 multimedia shredder?

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