Fostering Allegations

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When you put yourself in a situation of helping others, you believe you’re doing it for the greater good and that somebody else may benefit from your actions, not that this is for self gain but a selfless act. For those that have the gift and hearts desire to help children and bring them into their own homes they immediately open themselves to be vulnerable not only to the child/ren to form the relationships but also to the services that have requirements of in-depth knowledge into your life.

To foster means; to promote the growth or development of further encouragement, to bring up, raise, or rear, as a foster child. To care for or cherish. To place (a child) in a foster home.

When looking at the ‘job description’ for fostering it needs no explanation into the seriousness and responsibility involved in taking up this challenge. Therefore when Fostering Allegations are brought into the equation it brings an even higher level of responsibility. A huge amount of trust has to be present for any fostering opportunity to take place, for the services placing a child, to the child trusting the home and family to the family trusting the child. This is an ideal situation, but when emotional/ physical/ mental health problems are also involved the simple trust issue isn’t always that straight forward.

Fostering allegations can be made for many a reason, a child may have made allegations in the past as a cry for attention therefore in doing it again is also hoping for the same response. There may be issues for the child that are still raw for them from past experience therefore to lash out at those closest to them is the only way they know how to ‘cope’. There are also the sad cases where children are also harmed in foster care. All types of fostering allegations will be investigated and all information will be put together along with any evidence of bruises etc.

Fostering Allegations can be very damaging not only for reputation and possible fostering opportunities in the future but also for both parties it could have a significant effect on emotional/ physical and mental health. Each party has to know that whatever happens they are supported and the outcome of the allegation will be the right one based on truth and fact. specialise in helping you through Fostering Allegations . We help you understand your responsibilities and obtain the help you need. Visit us today for Foster Carers Support.

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