Foster Rotatrim MonoRail 18" Cutter Review

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With over 60 years in business, Foster Manufacturing Company has proven time and again that they produce quality products backed up by excellent customer service. Their line of Rotatrim MonoRail rotary trimmers provides an economical way for schools, businesses, and studios to obtain high quality, durable cutters. With sturdy construction and a warranty backing, the Rotatrim MonoRail series from Foster offers a great option for many applications. Here is a look at the 18" model.

For a small to medium office, this cutter is the way to go. It only measures 26-1/4" x 15-3/4" x 4" and therefore is best used on a desk or table. It weighs about 14 pounds, heavy enough to be stable but light enough to carry wherever you need to cut. The small dimensions allow this device to easily store in a closet, on a shelf, or even in your desk drawer. However, it works so well that you may want to just leave it out for easy access.

This cutter is built to last. It features a solid baseboard constructed from laminated multi-density fibreboard, or MDF. This material is flat, stiff, and dense, ideal for a strong cutting surface. Made of fine particles, MDF doesn't contain any knots or rough spots and is thicker than standard particle board. As a result, you get a robust platform that will last through years of use.

The top of the base is gridded and includes guides for common sizes. A side ruler helps you to line up your items for complete accuracy. An adjustable cursor can keep things even more precise, helping to square things off for exactly 90 degree cuts. Both the cursor and the blade (described below) are replaceable should you ever need it.

A solid steel Tungsten blade gives sharp, clean slices. The cutting wheel is self-sharpening and bi-directional. The cartridge housing the blade is attached to a one inch square chromed rail guide that keeps the cutting edge running straight on track. The entire device is crafted with shatter proof housing and end frames. With hand-finished Tungsten, the trimmer can easily slice through items up to two millimeters thick, including a wide selection of lightweight, flexible materials. An 18" cutting length is perfect for trimming down small posters, booklets, menus, scrapbooking pages, and more.

As with any product, this one does have a few drawbacks. First, in the world of cutters, 18" is relatively small. For many business purposes, this is adequate. However, if your company regularly trims things such as posters, banners, or blueprints, you will want a longer model. Second, it doesn't include a clamp for holding materials in place while cutting. This may result in needing extra attention to detail; simply secure items by hand and you shouldn't have a problem.

Overall, the Foster Rotatrim MonoRail is a spot on product that will deliver years of precision cuts. Both the solid MDF base and hand-finished Tungsten blade add to the longevity and will provide accurate and precise results for years to come. We would definitely recommend this product the next time you're in the market for a new trimmer.

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